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  2. Hey you never know till you try, or try, there is no try, do or do not
  3. Im on holiday next week and have two to three games planned, so il post in battle reports how i get on , thank you all for your suggestions
  4. If your friends collection is in good condition offer them a price
  5. How long have you been playing, Ive only recently started myself
  6. Just added a liberty Expansion to the collection now too
  7. Thanks to those who have shared so far, a lot of great ship collections, Armada definitely has a long time left in her yet
  8. Still a nice collection though, you definitely need to get a core set though lol
  9. Blimey i've a lot of catching up to do lol , to quote a certain character " impressive, most impressive "
  10. Your obviously a Rebel scum , fighting on behalf of the Rebellion then, thats alot of ships, bet they look impressive on display
  11. A area to show and talk bout our fleet collections, favorite ships, fighters, paint jobs, why we have what we have in our collections, themed, or tactical based. For me at mo, for the Imperials i've got 3x VSD, 1x ISD, for the Rebels i've got 1x Pelta, 2x Mc30's, 3x Cr90's and 2x Nebulons Frigates, and a collection of x-wings and Tie's from the core sets. My favorite ship has to be the ISD for the Imperials and the Cr90's for the Rebels. Of course i'm looking to expand my collection for gaming and display purposes, so any suggestions or opinions
  12. I do have a tendency to over look the Capital ships as launch platforms, and more as battleships supported by fighters, rather then the other way around
  13. My friend and i have both sat down and decided on our fleets for our first Armada game against each other, i will list both fleets and would love your thoughts. we have two core sets, 2x mc3o's expansions, pelta expansion, a CR90 expansion and and a isd expansion and corellion conflict to work from. we both decided on using the ships from the core set only Superior Positions was chosen for our objective. Imperial fleet 200 points Cmmdr : grand moff tarkin ( 38 ) Victory 2 star destroyer ( 85 ) Warlord title ( 8 ) Gunnery team ( 7 ) Heavy turbolaser turrets ( 6 ) Howlrunner ( 16 ) Tie fighter x4 Squads Total Points =192 Rebel fleet Cmmder: Mon mothma Cr90a corvette ( 44 ) Jainas light ( 2 ) Trc ( 7 ) Nebilon b ( 57 ) Salvation (7 ) Raymus ( 7 ) Slaved turrets ( 6 ) x wing fighters X3 Squads total points - 199 thoughts please
  14. Quite like this build, i might replicate it against my friend
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