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  1. Hey all! Below is a list of items that I think would drastically improve the core experience of X-Wing, by further encouraging better maneuvering and offense being greater than defense. I would like to see intelligent, aggressive play encouraged by the game, AND I would like to see more games go to elimination rather than time. Please share your thoughts! 1) Make "Target Lock" Requirement Ordnance Scale with Initiative. ----Example: Proton Torps are totally worth it on Wedge, but probably not on a generic B-Wing. P-Torps being 8/8/10/12/12/12 would see them getting a lot more use. Expand this idea to all "Target Lock" munitions 2) "Reveal Dial," and other Pre-Movement Upgrades Scale with Initiative. ----Example: Advanced Sensors is totally worth it on Guri, but probably not on a generic B-Wing. Adv. Sensors being 4/4/6/8/10/10 would see them getting a lot more use. Expand this idea to all Pre-Movement upgrades 3) Gas Clouds have Penalty for Over-Lapping. ----There are currently no penalties for over-lapping a Gas Cloud, despite them offering a significant defensive bonus. Everyone has their own idea on this, but I'd like to see Gas Clouds give a Weapons Disabled token if over-lapped. 4) Implement Errata and FAQ Into the Rulebook, Noting Revision Number as you do so. **----**There's no reason to have a bunch of separate rules documents. Condensing all rules to one document is not outrageously hard to do, nor is it that hard to consistently word the rules for ease of use and understanding. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The above four are pretty simple and I think easy to explain/argue for. The below are a little bit further out there, but I do think they would benefit the game.... I will preface these statements by saying that I am an aggressive player and I enjoy skirmishing. However, I currently see little reason to play X-Wing aggressively in a competitive setting. A) Raise Ship Minimum to 3. ----Throughout the history of this game, two ship lists have either been extremely janky and weak, or degenerate. Miranda/Nym, Ghost/Fenn, Handbrake-Han/Jake, etc. I think that these lists are at odds with the core experience of X-Wing, and preclude a fun experience for at least one of the players. B) After Round 1, ALL Ships within Range 1 of a Board Edge during the "End Phase" Take One Damage. ----This drastically reduces the effective combat area and further encourages players to close and engage each other. This prevents players from, "crab-walking," up a Board Edge or otherwise actively avoiding engagement. It also still allows for players to place a ship within Range 1 of a Board Edge to gain positional advantage, but at the cost of damage. C) Update the Definition of, "Fortressing." ----Any time two or more friendly ships are at Range 0 and do not move for two consecutive phases, they are immediately destroyed. Thanks for reading!
  2. Rebel Han is currently a PITA with all the Inertial Dampener and R2-D2 abuse. His ability clearly should have been charge-based. Nien Numb is awful. A skinny Nien is annoying; a Nien with Afterburners, Black One, Pattern Analyzer, and HLC is infuriating. His ability clearly should have been charge-based (as they did with Anakin). Otherwise good. Ready for some point changes and rotation, though. Getting tired of the same-old in tournaments
  3. NukeWash

    X Wing Famous

    Haha. Bonar.
  4. Tighter budget mean less time flying up there and more time, "flying," down here? lol
  5. I4 and above should pay a premium for being, "elite," with the exception of ships that cannot reposition. In fact, the dial, reposition potential, and initiative should all be tied together in pricing pilots. I think most generics are in a good place and the game would be a lot more fun with 1-3 named pilots accompanied by 2-4 generics
  6. As others have said, I'd like a steeper pricing curve (like with the Republic) applied to pilots. Wedge costs 11pts more than an I2 generic. Does that make sense to you?
  7. Did this guy up for prize support for a tourney in Virginia
  8. Purple and silver I did as a donation to CAC Denver. Blue and orange I did for myself and then sold to a squadmate out of Virginia.
  9. Absolutely beautiful! Job well done
  10. I think all upgrades that affect maneuverability should be scaled based on Initiative and Size. For Advanced Sensors, I'd like to see: I1 -- 6pt, I2 -- 6pt, I3 -- 8pt, I4 -- 8pt, I5 -- 10pt, I6 -- 12pt; each base size larger than small adds +1pt
  11. Y'all forgot the most important one! Whenever you fart at the table, you gotta say, "Did you hear that frog?"
  12. I would really, really love to see Rogue Squadron: Wedge -- Rogue Leader -- X-Wing and Y-Wing Pilot -- Init 6: After you perform an attack that hits, you may perform a red reinforce action Luke -- Rogue 2 -- X-Wing and Y-Wing Pilot -- Init 5, Force 3: After you perform a blue maneuver, you may spend one force to give a friendly ship within range 0-3 a focus token Tycho Celchu -- Alderaan Avenger -- X-Wing and A-Wing Pilot -- Init 6: While you have three or less stress tokens, you may perform red actions and maneuvers "Hobbie" -- Reckless Renegade -- X-Wing and Y-Wing Pilot -- Init 4, 2 Charges (Recurring): If you are damaged, you may spend one charge to re-roll an attack or defense die Kasan Moor -- Imperial Defector -- X-Wing Pilot -- Init 5: After you perform an action, you may perform a red barrel roll or boost action Wes Janson -- Wily Pilot -- X-Wing Pilot OR Gunner -- Init 4: At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may gain one strain token and one stress token. If you do, roll one additional attack die while attacking this round Dak -- Loyal Gunner -- Gunner, 2 Charges: After you spend a focus or force token, you may spend one charge to gain a matching token Crix Madine -- Rebel Saboteur -- Y-Wing Pilot OR Gunner -- Init 3: Friendly ships at range 0-1 may spend a focus token to change a blank result to a hit result while attacking
  13. Streams are up: ROUND 2: TOP 16: TOP 4:
  14. Not a huge fan of the clouds (nor Strain, to be honest). If it were up to me, I'd have them give a Weapons Disabled token if you overlap them. If they're going to offer such a huge defensive bonus, then they should offer a complementary debuff to offense.
  15. Gonna be a strong, "no," from me, boss. Only action in the game that can reduce damage across multiple attacks, making it very strong as is.
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