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  1. I have purchased the core and the 2 Mirkwood packs, Journey to Rhosgobel and Return to Mirkwood will at through these and get myself familiarised with the game, then jump onto the expansions and any other Mirkwood packs I can find! Thanks again all for the help!
  2. After doing a bit more research, I'm now heading more towards Sands of Harrad. However, I've just seen that an online store is restocking The Road Darkens next week, so instead of buying Sands of Harrad (or the Hobbit), is it worth getting The Road Darkens instead?
  3. Thanks for this. I never thought about ordering from Amazon US. Just looked at prices and they aren't as bad as I was thinking! Will definitely keep this in mind. Also thanks for the list as well, it will be handy.
  4. Thanks all for the replies. So it looks to be narrowed down to the Hobbit and sands of harrad. Probably go more towards the Hobbit as it's more the theme I'm interested in. I'll take a look at the cards online and then take it from there and just keep an eye out for any 2nd hand sets going on eBay and wait for reprints. Thanks again :).
  5. Hello. I'm looking at buying the core set for mainly solo play but I have a few questions about what expansion to buy to go with it. I live in the UK so it's quite hard to find all of the expansions. The ones I have managed to find so far are The Treason of Saruman, The Lost Realm, Heirs of Numenor, the Sands of Harrad, and The Hobbit Overhill and Underhill. I have also found 2 of the Mirkwood Cycle packs - A Journey to Rhosgobel and Return to Mirkwood Out of these, which expansion is best for solo play to begin with? Any help greatly appreciated :) Dean.
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