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  1. So it appears the book is shipping, is this a global thing? Or just the USA? Are stores in Australia going to have to wait for stock shipping from the USA? Because at the moment that seems to be anything from two weeks to two months. ( I just got a package yesterday that had been in transit since the 23rd of March! )
  2. So I’ve got conflicting information from pre-order stores... From “Sorry we can’t order it in yet”, to TBA, Q3, and May... which is rapidly running out... So does anyone have some knowledge about what the Australian distributors are doing with the release of the Genesys Keyforge book?
  3. I’m also curious about this, since I’ve been building a flexible (as in adaptable for non standard character stats etc) character sheet/tracker app for myself, and I’ve been pondering releasing it for sale, knowing how the foundry “handles” software would be pretty handy even if I still have to talk to FFG to get permission to release for the App Store, etc.
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