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  1. Really really doubt that Chewie will ever show up in the republic roster just because he is such an icon for the rebelion. I could see them some day doing a generic squad of wookies for the republic though.
  2. Ahhh ok that makes sense, based off the RR you want more water terain then.
  3. Do u mean something that could slow down the T-47 but not grant cover to troopers?
  4. Agreed and I feel like this will only hurt factions like the CIS, who will rely on having those higher activation lists because there corps units are so weak/cheap.
  5. The Duchess would be awesome, and they could give it something were it does extra dmg to units with impervious, or somehow negates the impervious keyword.
  6. Cool thanks just wanted to double check. Came up in a game yesterday.
  7. Can u use hq uplink to issue an order to yourself when you are in range of an enemies comms jammer?
  8. How would armada make him cannon? Just cause something shows up in armada doesn't make it cannon.
  9. But why do we need stormtroopers with black d8 defense? What's wrong with the red d6 defense?
  10. Yea as long as 1 mini from a unit is within in that forward arc, the entire unit is considered inside the arc in terms of being the target of an attack.
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