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  1. True but sasska was talking about the laat and the droid gunship which would be squadrons not ships.
  2. When they first anounced the show I was hoping (and would have prefered) that they where just going to stick to the racing theme and having nothing to do with the first order/resistance. Would have liked the change of pace.
  3. Thw twilight or whatever anakins freighter ship was called in clone wars
  4. Yes but her 3 pip gives her steady meaning she can move twice get the 2 aims from OP and then still shoot
  5. It was from the Andrew Navarro AMA last year. I cant pull up the video right now/find the time stamp. But if I remember right he said that they had planned to do FO and resistance for legion but then plans changed and they did clone wars instead
  6. I mean cant we have both? Just because they are making this one book geared more towards a younger audiance doesnt mean everything from now on will be. And to be a Jedi knight at 15 honestly doesnt strike me as odd I mean how old is ashoka supposed to be in clone Wars? They were about to make her a knight before she left the order
  7. The only problem with that is what if u want a ship that comes in the starter but you're not new to the game, so u don't want/need all the other things that would come in a starter? U r then forcing people to either buy a starter they dont need or wait months until they finally release the ship as its on expanions
  8. Never said they werent good in melee. It just seems counter intuitive to build a unit that is good in melee but also wants to bring a sniper upgrade who would obviously want to stay out of melee. I guess they could make the sniper a detachment. That would allow him to stay back and snipe while the rest can get up close and personal.
  9. Dont think they would make much sense as a melee option especially when they would have a sniper as a potential heavy upgrade
  10. Yea. I know some people all ready got theres. I have my AAT and vital assets all ready cause I preordered them through my FLGS and they were able to get enough in back at the beginning of May at least enough to fulfill all their preorders.
  11. This 100% this totally agree
  12. True which reminds me he was also in charge of the map in thr last jedi visual dictionary and he put canto bight all the way on the other side of the galaxy from where the rest of the movie takes place. Which really ruins my suspension of disbelief when Finn and Rose are supposed to get there and back in just a couple of hours. I'm starting to think that he's just really bad with maps.
  13. I have similar complaints. I have heard that Pablo hidalgo and the story group have control of making sure cannon lines up but at this point I feel like they really only have control over the written novels and LFL just lets the movies and cartoons do whatever they want while Pablo is left in thr background trying to make the whole mess fit together.
  14. 800 points is definitely the sweet spot in my opinion if u plan on playing anything bigger then 400
  15. R u saying that your going to run the stats of phase 1 clones but with the heads of phase 2 and vicer versa? If so that could get a little confusing for your opponent.
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