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  1. Battle Report: He fielded a Pelta, Standard Neb B, Salvation, Janias Light, and a Tantive IV along with Hera, 2 E wings, and an A-wing squadron. With Dodanna as a commander A nav instead of at the end would have given me a 290 to 219 victory. Instead, an 1/8 of an inch had my Corvette off the edge and he tabled me. He survived with just the Pelta and the Tantive IV. I lost all the ships, but no squadrons. For a fifth game felt pretty good. Thanks for everyone's help. It was a good list.
  2. That would be nice, but I don't have a rouge squadron card. I do have an extra 10 points I could spend or just go for a 10 point bid.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys! I've attached the updated list, but am still wondering if I need to swap some things out or not. @Mad Cat and @CommanderDave I like the idea of the flotilla more so thanks for that. @Tokra and everyone if the AF is kind of just eh what would you all recommend? I have the following other ships I could put into my fleet: - Another Cr 90 and Neb - 2 MC-30s - Both of the MC-80s - A Pelta Updated fleet.pdf
  4. So if I get rid of the H9s should I try to make the Yavaris shootier or no with something else?
  5. Have played a few matches and am looking for any tips on this list: AF2B (108😞 Ray Antilles -7 Flight Controllers -6 Boosted Comms -4 Reinforced Blast Doors -5 Spinal Armament - 9 Paragon - 5 Neb B Escort (80) Adar Tallon - 10 H9 Turbolasers - 8 Yavaris - 5 CR90 A (81) Dodonna -20 Redundant Shields -8 TRC - 7 Jaina's Light -2 Squads 131 Corran Horn -22 Dutch Vander -16 Wedge Antilles -19 Shara Bey - 17 YT-2400 -16 E-wing - 15 2 X-wings - 26 I picked the following objectives but open to suggestions: Precision Strike Hyperspace Assault Dangerous Territory The thought process is have Dutch and Wedge and maybe one of the X-wings being pushed by Yavaris and take care of enemy squads. Then have Shara, X-wing, and E-wing screen for the AF with Corran and YT filling gaps where needed. Then having the CR90 working edges and long shots. Again I'm just getting started into Armada so let me know what I can do to improve. Thanks.
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