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  1. Maybe this topic was already here but I couldn't find it. When I run the JiME game app I noticed that my fan always keeps spinning to cool my processors. This is because even when the screen is most of the time a static screen (the app has anyway no fancy heavy graphics screens) the GPU is above 90% and the CPU mostly above 30%. See Attachment.. Has anyone the same behaviour when running the JiME app?
  2. Most of the time there are two options how to use such skill cards. The bold one (like "Strike 1") at the bottom of the card is the one that is described at the back of the books as like "Strike X". Normally it says you have to discard the card when used in this way. The top of the text is the ability you can do always but it is possible that you have to discard the card also when it is described in the text. Normally you can do this top ability always. So, you can use the top text ability until you use the card with the bold ability at the bottom of the card.
  3. By every scenario you just start all over. You put away all the non-card items and remove the cards that don't belong in your starting play deck. You gain extra cards during the game and they will stay. Like title cards you put extra in your play deck. You also get cards with a bag (trinket) and they will also stay with your company.
  4. One of the best producers I know.. https://mithril.ie/ https://www.instagram.com/mithril_miniatures/
  5. When I started playing the game last year, I also started with two characters (Bilbo and Aragorn) and found it very hard and sometimes impossible. Maybe the game App is better balanced after an update for two players, I don't know. Maybe I was not good enough at that time, that's also possible 😉 At the moment I play with others with three characters (Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas) and that goes very well. It's still tough but what a great game-play. The important thing is that you try with each turn to come up with all the possibilities (and there are many..) you have, based on the cards to avoid damage and especially fear. Take your time to figure out all your possibilities and learn what cards and skills are important, like the "Rest" and "Guard" cards.
  6. Wait a minute.. I took the numbers from the box and when I look in the book, I see that the 28 fear cards are not mentioned on the box. The total number is 337. So, there are just enough cards to cover both with 7 packs.
  7. Sorry for ignoring your wish using Mattmans brain but you probably don't need extra cards. The Villains pack says: 1 pack of the yellow (1) mini American sleeves. On the other hand there are only 9 extra cards in the Villains pack, so if there are some left in the 7 JiME packs then you can use them. Lets do the math.. 50 sleeves per pack times 7 = 350 sleeves. 83 + 15 + 28 + 28 + 10 + 30 + 30 + 72 + 20 + 21 =‬ 337 cards in the JiME game. So, there are enough in the 7 JiME packs.
  8. Yes, its a beautiful map. The only thing I find pity is the way they made the letters look old. The ageing works good for the colors and stains but the blurring of the letters on places and towns is sometimes a bit too much especially for the small names.
  9. My friend lives 12000 KM away. We both own the game and one of us start the JiME App and share the screen with free screen sharing software like Any Time or Team Viewer. The other casts the received screen to the television. We use a messenger like Whats App or Telegram for talking to each other. Sometimes we shoot a photo of a character situation and send it to the messenger. The person who is sharing the screen can also switch to the messenger and show the photo on both screens. The game is as intense as if we playing together in one room.
  10. OK, good points, let's skip Frodo. I was just thinking Frodo is the main character in the Lord of the Rings. If it's about the time period then we will probably miss all the main human characters too.. If it's about coolness, I go for Elrond. (He was alive for sure in the time period) True Wandalf, Frodo was "only" The Lord of the One Ring for a while.
  11. Don't you think its odd that the game is called "Lord of the Rings" and there is no Frodo?
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