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  1. OK, good points, let's skip Frodo. I was just thinking Frodo is the main character in the Lord of the Rings. If it's about the time period then we will probably miss all the main human characters too.. If it's about coolness, I go for Elrond. (He was alive for sure in the time period) True Wandalf, Frodo was "only" The Lord of the One Ring for a while.
  2. Don't you think its odd that the game is called "Lord of the Rings" and there is no Frodo?
  3. And if you also only have 1 damage? Cancel both effects?
  4. Yes, that was also difficult to get in my system too. (Like you can run by doing two move actions to create a long distance from your enemies) Twice attack needs a lot of inspiration to succeed but if you have strike skill cards you can do a lot of damage..
  5. Just hold on. It's getting easier when you purchase special ability cards for your hero's with your points received during the adventures. Switch roles for some rounds and purchase special ability cards you really need to get rid of damage and fear. I mean, it's getting easier but I still lost most of the scenario's.
  6. I doubting too.. I had : "Discard 2 prepared skills or suffer 2 facedown damage". So, with only 1 prepared card and 1 facedown damage must I discard the prepared card AND suffer 1 facedown damage? (That's what I did..)
  7. I struggled also with this. The prevent card "Travel Garb" says: Before you suffer facedown [Damage] you may prevent 1 of that [Damage]. My understanding is, when you do with this card then the "facedown" never happened and the hero doesn't get emboldened. Maybe with such prevent cards without "Before" it's different..
  8. If you use a Guard card on a hero then that hero must be in your space. If the hero is in an adjacent space you can't use the Guard card. Right?
  9. No you can't. But if you know that someone is joining then one player can start with two hero's and give it over.
  10. The streaming was great casting on a big screen, crossing the Atlantic ocean, only a shame that the chat box didn't work for me. It tried to connect all the time but failed to get a stable connection.. My only comment is that although you all looking good, it would be nicer to put the camera on the cards of the hero's and your hands. In that way we see what your hero's game progress looks like and how many damage and fear you have collected. For example, I saw a Guarding of a hero in an adjacent space.. He really needed it but what card was used for that..
  11. In the campfire screen in the left lower corner is "Items". If you select it will show the Hero items. On top of the screen is a button "Group" for the group items, the Trinkets.
  12. With my Bilbo and Aragorn company its getting better. Still learning.. It became clear that the biggest problem for Aragorn is that he took to much damage and fear cards that resulted in a Last Stand. The real problem for him is that he can not get rid of these cards easily. (See also CodyMax's screenshot above..) The skill cards that can remove or prevent damage and fear are cards with in bold "Guard xx" and "Rest xx". I looked to all the skill cads of him being a captain and there were only a few. ("Rest" is in general very rare) I selected these kind of ability cards as the extra skill cards earned by skill points during the adventures as a captain. (Instead of the strike ability cards) Then I realized that I also changed Aragorn's role twice as a Guardian and could choose cards like "Desperate Defense" (with Guard 1 or Rest 2) I always concentrated on the card text on the skill cards but now the skill deck is more based on the bold ability at the bottom. During the next journey it went immediately better just by concentrating to prevent (Guard) and discard (Rest) damage and fear. Aragorn has also the "Banner" card and he will get inspiration when Resting or Guarding. Also I changed the way how I handle the prepared cards. First I hold cards for these special moments but now I use them as much as possible each turn. By frequent scouting the prepared cards gets back quickly anyway. I have still to see how this strategy works but after two journeys its getting better.
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