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  1. I'm in the process of writing a campaign for my RPG group and I was planning to start it in Boston as it heavily involves the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Foxwood casino (re-branded to suitably corporate sounding name for the adventure) which geographically isn’t too far away. My general question is what's a good template for a city not covered by source material? I was thinking my standard template would be a smaller scale New Angeles with the economy basically being a suped up version of whatever the current economic strengths are (adjusted for defunct tech/industries etc). Does this sound reasonable or what other methods would people use? Has New Angeles sucked the wealth out of other major cities? Specific to my adventure I was also looking for feedback on my idea for the casino. I’m no expert on native American territory so I’ve applied the lazy assumption there are relaxed laws on gambling and other minor laws. Therefore, for the casino location I was thinking the economic advantage of less-strict gambling laws would have been eliminated as technology makes gambling permissible pretty much everywhere. To compensate for the loss of economic advantage the region in my adventure therefore has enhanced legal jurisdiction (on the provision of a sealed border) making it almost an autonomous region. Having suffered from the loss of gambling revenue from increase competition and much wealth moving west to New Angeles, the casino is on shaky financial ground, but the near autonomous status makes it a prime target for a corporate takeover looking to exploit that fact. These details being key to my adventure and so I need to justify them in a reasonable manner. Thanks
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