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  1. Yes, you can trigger Survival Knife in that case - for exactly the reasons that you mentioned (damage dealt to you can be assigned to assets controlled by you) 🙂.
  2. You definitely wouldn’t take an AoO. You only take an attack of opportunity when you take an action that is not a parley, fight, resign, or evade action. Moving when you’re at the same location as a ready enemy to which you’re engaged doesn’t *inherently *trigger an AoO - the AoO only triggers you use an action that isn’t one of those four actions (which does include move *actions* but not the Mists of Ryleh action). Even if the second enemy to which you were engaged *weren’t* massive, you’d still be able to use the move effect on Mists to move to a new location without suffering a AoO — but the only difference would be that second enemy would follow you into your new location !
  3. I don’t understand the negativity, especially since very little testing has been done with the new list as yet (at least from what I can see). Why not give the list some time, or test out how the game plays with the Taboo list before writing it off? After the list came out, I immediately went to try to build a Rex deck with the taboo list, and I’ve had a lot more fun than I’ve ever had when trying to build a Rex deck. Keep in mind that besides balance, one of Matt’s reasonings in the FAQ was to “enforce shift in deck building requirements over time”. In other words, he wants to shake things up a bit and challenge players to think of cards in different ways. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. I’m really curious/excited to see how decks change as people try to adapt to the Taboo list. (And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even have the full card pool.) Having played other LCGs (Android Netrunner, LoTR) where the lack of balance in the cardpool caused me to lose faith in the devs/the game after some time, I appreciate the effort from the Devs to balance this game.
  4. I think the reasoning is that the “If you succeed”/“If you fail” effects of the tokens are ‘lasting effects’, by virtue of their wording. (See lasting effects section in rules reference.) So yeah, they are banked because they are lasting effects. It’s not that the token’s effects last throughout the entire duration of the skill test by default. For instance, if Skull said “Lose one horror,” then that effect wouldn’t be banked either, because it’s not a lasting effect. Rather, it’s that any “if you succeed” or “if you fail” effects that tokens create during ST3 are lasting effects that apply until the end of the skill test. That’s why Matt says that the tokens’ effects “will still have occurred before” — the effect has already happened and creates a lasting effect, so it’s just waiting to see if its “if you succeed/fail” trigger will be met. Whereas modifiers on the tokens *aren’t* lasting effects — modifiers only get counted during ST5 of skill tests. At least, that’s how I’m interpreting it.
  5. Agreed. It’s a Living Card Game after all and the Taboo List makes the game feel fresh for me. I was already avoiding playing with Rex and Higher Education because of a general feeling that it made the game too easy (and the decisions therefore less meaningful). So I like that this gives an official way that I could choose to “fix” them. It’s a pretty bold step to admit that some of the cards designed might be a bit overpowered. I also appreciate that FFG has taken steps to introduce this list early rather than waiting for too long. We’re still in early 4th cycle. I found that I got apathetic with LOTRLCG and Android Netrunner (and in fact quit those games) because of the lack of attention to overpowered cards. I mean it gets really boring putting Steward of Gondor in a deck because you basically never have a reason NOT to put it in your deck. Netrunner initiated a limited list after a while, but it was around the end of the 5th cycle I believe, and by then I had already lost my love for that game. So props to Matt and team, I really like this idea .
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