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  1. I’m thinking a imperial venator would priced and perform like a weaker MC80Home-One - like how the MC80Lib is broadly similar to an ISD. Take the cheapest MC80H’s dice and drop 1 or 2. Maybe have the Ven-I variant 3 red, 3 black and the Ven-II 3 red, 3 blue. Something like a VSD but with the dice in the Arcs swapped around. Probably Similar shields and hull to an VSD too. I don’t know how to balance flyability; but atm I’’ thinking Speed 2, but with a support slot so you have to choose between engine techs to get speed 3 or fighter co-ord team. With regards to squadron values; I’ve always took the squadron stat on the cards to reflect a ships ability to direct fighters, y’know the dudes on the flight controller artwork. Not strictly their hangar capacity (contrary to the expanded hangar bag card), so a natural 4-5? (Sure the Vens got a whole extra command tower for fighters, but the ISDs command tower is bigger by volume than the two combined and some of that’s gotta be for Fighter operations - just my own head canon. ) Maybe give one version a double weapons slot, and the other a double officer slot to reflect the two towers? To prevent it stepping on the VSDs toes; By bumping it up to a Large Base; the venator won’t be able to take D-Caps so the VSD-2 will still retain single the largest long range attack in the game and preserve a niche; and price the venator more than either VSD variant; so the VSD-1 can retain its niche the imperial ‘budget’ battle-Carrier. The firepower between the two will be close; but very different arcs and thus a new play style for the Imps. The VSD still offers a similar punch in a smaller base at a cheaper cost but the venator can take different upgrades, is potentially faster and is better as a carrier. Compared to a ISD-I or II it’ll probably lose in a straight up 1v1 slugging match due to fewer dice and hull+Shields; potentially slower, very different Arcs and cheaper (Like the 90-100 mark? Perhaps?). Oh, and make the firing arcs of similar shape to an Imperial Arquitens - so a nice big weak rear zone to hit and it’s kinda thematic with the two ships being designed with clone wars-era philosophy and, at a glance; matches the Venator’s silhouette. Edit: (Apologies, I’m writing this on my phone with fat thumbs)
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