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  1. Am I right? Just got wrecked in the siege of Asthill and am still impressed at how the seemingly abstract rules convey the hopelessness of trying to hold off an army of carrion worms, trolls, mountain giants, rats (lol, had a hero with all 3 engaged to them at one point....I remember reading someone complaining that the rat's abilities don't make thematic sense...they sure did then!), while ducking into the tavern as the monsters swarmed the town square, while totally engulfing the unattended gates. Totally got the vibe from that certain, pivotal battle from game of thrones (that happened at night? trying not to be too spoilery lol) the wizard guy getting plowed over by a mountain troll just before foolishly diverting the attention of the big bad nemesis dude. It's a shame that I don't get to play this with others more often as the interactions are just complex enough to make manning 3 or more heroes too tough. That said, were in Terrinoth's tarnations are those darned expansions! I'd love to know that they're is something i can pick up for the game down the line.
  2. Would love to see this too! Getting another print run of all of this stuff would be lovely as even most of the 8th edition wiz war stuff is very rare!
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