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  1. Why are the stats blurred? I was hoping to download the image.
  2. My players wanted to try and throw an assassin sent by the empire off their trail. So they used one of the assassins they had captured earlier and had the Medic PC drug her and use plastic surgery to make her look like one of the other players. For context, this was a Zeltron being altered to look like a Duros male. They then sent the altered assassin, still drugged, off into the wild and they were eventually killed by the local giant irradiated beetles as this took place on the surface of Duro. Funny thing is the assassin wasn't even trailing them at the time so they did it for nothing.
  3. My group has a game coming later this month that we want another person for. We play in the afternoon of 5-6pm MST on whatever day we choose as we have a flexible game schedule. We are looking for someone that isn't crazy or obnoxious and someone that uses a microphone. General knowledge of the system is preferred but not required. Send me a message if your interested and I'll send you my discord and we can discuss this in further detail.
  4. Anon #6731. Hit me up and I'll talk to you when I aint busy.
  5. I'm looking for someone with a manageable schedule for a short edge of the empire game. MST is the time zone I operate in but I am open to working out scheduling issues if any arise. If anyone is interested I will send you my discord and we can discuss further there about the game. I'm cool with everyone as long as you aren't crazy or obnoxious.
  6. I read over the rules and notes in Far Horizons and Desperate Allies, but is there any other useful tips for running social encounters? I want to avoid a situation where a social encounter boils down to just a flat roll. I want to have a lot of dynamics and what not to it.
  7. I cant be the only one wanting a Dragon Age Origins recreation in Genesys. Is there anyone out here interested?
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