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  1. I'm not convinced that confronting Tsuko would necessarily be the worst choice for Lion. As it stands now, Totori is in a position to potentially rally loyalists and split the Lion clan during a time when the Crane are at their most vulnerable. Were I writing the setting, splitting the lion is how I would make their military might less potent and prevent Tsuko from doing whatever she wants in Crane lands. Tsuko and Totori have their reverence of Arasou in common. They disagree on what that should mean, but it's important common ground that could bring them, at least temporarily, together. A unified Lion during this kind of unrest, especially with the Crane facing internal strife already, could be extremely influential. But for me personally, option 4 seems to be the least predictable, so that's kind of where I'm leaning.
  2. I have a feeling that the new RPG supplement having a focus on Ronin was not a mistake
  3. So you're anticipating five more clan books (with tie-in adventures) and one more large supplement? That wouldn't put nearly the strain on my shelving that I was anticipating!
  4. I mean, sure, it's been done, but there's a particular kind of joy that comes from playing one of those classic story archetypes. If my players are interested in playing around in that side of Rokugan, this is the kind of story that would really work for them.
  5. While I tend to agree that the game isn't in unwieldy territory right now, I would point to FFG's Star Wars books as an unwieldy possible future -- although even then, it was only really bad if you were looking for very specific information or trying to min-max the **** out of a character build. That's not to say that I think L5R is going to necessarily have that volume of titles, just that I'm never going to accuse FFG of being stingy when it comes to publishing new books.
  6. Personally, I am very excited to see the new 20 Questions format and potentially run a "deniable assets" kind of game, if my table is interested -- maybe one (disgraced) great clan samurai leading a mixture of ronin, gaijin, and peasants on a dangerous, morally ruinous mission with the promise of redemption, riches, and status for anybody who returns. And when they do return, whoever hired them will of course try to have them killed, because they were never supposed to survive the attempt. That could be fun.
  7. I mean, given that one of the writers has already told you directly that postponing the official death is "profoundly implausible," I would say that you're right.
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