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  1. I'm a fan of Darth Maul in Legion, even though his affiliation with the CIS is questionable. But now that Maul has been leaked, I'm hoping that Asaaj Ventress will be the next Commander and/or Operative for the Separatists. I don't understand why some Separatist players want Nute Gunray as a CIS Commander. He was an incompetent coward who was bossed around and puppeteered by Darth Sidious the entire time. Considering that Rune Haako was used for the CIS hostage miniature in the Vital Assets expansion, I imagine that if Nute Gunray was a CIS Commander, he should be used as the miniature for the 50-point generic Separatist commander. However, I'd prefer if a Super Tactical Droid, like Kalani, was the generic CIS commander instead, because STDs were actual army commanders and could be formidable opponents.
  2. I think the Yuuzhan Vong would be perfect for Armada. The Vong have all sizes and classes of warships, Coralskipper and Slayer Ship starfighters, several dozen named characters for Commanders and Officers, and an assortment of biotech for Upgrade cards. The Yuuzhan Vong were downgraded to Legends when Disney discarded the EU, but there have been numerous references made to the Vong as "the Far Outsiders" as the enemy of the Chiss in the Unknown Regions. Also, Dave Filoni had an idea about the Yuuzhan Vong appearing in an episode of Star Wars Rebels, but that never happened. IMO the Yuuzhan Vong are the most fully fleshed out faction in the Star Wars EU/Legends that could realistically rival the Empire and other Armada factions. Also, the Yuuzhan Vong are ideally suited for X-Wing and Legion games because they had starfighters and armies. FFG could create Yuuzhan Vong content for all three of their major Star Wars miniatures games.
  3. Today it was discovered that a Canadian board game supplier posted the Clone Wars Armada expansions on their website. These Clone Wars expansions are the same 6 expansions that were leaked from a FFG Upcoming Products List by a European board game distributor a few months ago. The FFG Armada product codes match, which strongly supports their authenticity. There's very little info; just the names of the expansions and their Armada product codes. The linked product pages don't contain any more information, there are no pictures are available ATM, and the prices are locked behind a retailer login requirement. There are two small but significant differences between the two leaks. In the Canadian version, the Galactic Republic Fleet and Separatist Fleet products are referred to as "Starters" instead of "Fleet Expansions". That suggests they are faction-specific Starter Kits and contain essential accessories for Armada, i.e. dice, range tool, movement tool, tokens, and a damage deck. If that's the case, the Clone Wars Fleet Starters are presumably intended to help new players get into Armada, instead of requiring them to buy an Armada core set. If that's the case, I expect there will also be Clone Wars Ship Expansions containing individual ships, like normal. They haven't been listed yet, but I think it's safe to assume they're coming. I can't imagine that FFG intends for existing players to buy Starter Kits that we don't need. Existing players are more likely to pre-order and buy the Clone Wars Armada products as soon as they hit the shelves, and if they sell out immediately, new players won't be able to get their hands on them. It makes more sense if FFG releases Clone Wars ship expansions for existing players to buy. Perhaps FFG is deliberately withholding the product info for those CW ship expansions so the names of the Clone Wars ships don't leak prematurely.
  4. I strongly disagree regarding Scout Troopers and Rebel Commandos. Those are the only Special Forces units with Strike Teams and many Legion players use Strike Teams instead of the full SF units to get cheap activations. So those first SF units are very relevant for contemporary Legion armies. Death Troopers are superior as SF units, but they lack Strike Teams, so they're expensive and need to be used wisely. After some doing, I finally succeeded in getting 3 Death Trooper expansions and, TBH, after the novelty wore off, I stopped using all 3 in my armies because they were too expensive. I don't regret buying 3 DTs, but I think 2 are sufficient.
  5. Legion's first 2 waves are in-stock in most places. The Scout Troopers were released in Wave 3, along with Rebel Commandos, and they are sold out in most places. FFG isn't going to prioritize the early Legion expansions that are currently in-stock. But they should be producing more Scout Troopers and Death Troopers, because they are out of stock. I wonder if the shift to producing minis on sprues could be the problem? Is it possible FFG is retooling the earlier Legion expansions to use hard plastic on sprues?
  6. No, Lion Rampant is the exclusive supplier of FFG products in Canada. If you click on the Publishers tab, it displays a list of all the game publishers that Lion Rampant distributes in Canada, and most of are listed "(Publisher Name) - Canadian Exclusive". The Darth Maul Operative expansion will be available globally, whenever it's released.
  7. I agree, the Dewback just isn't balanced with the Tauntaun. It doesn't make sense that for the same 90 points, the Tauntain Riders get a ranged weapon but the Dewback Rider doesn't. The Dewback's powerful melee attack doesn't make up for it because it's only Speed-1 (plus Spur, I know). If it were reversed, so the Dewback was Speed-3 and only had a melee attack, whereas the Tauntains were Speed-1 with a ranged attack, that might be balanced (but it wouldn't make sense for the Tauntauns to be that slow). Adding insult to injury, the 2 Tauntaun Riders each roll 2 red dice, whereas the Dewback Rider's weapons only role 1 red die and mostly white dice. WTF!? The Tauntaun Riders should roll 2 black dice instead, especially since they have Surge-to-Hit. I'd change the Dewback Rider to be 75 points, just like how the 74-Z Speeder Bikes were reduced from 90 to 75. That didn't completely fix Speeder Bikes, but it was definitely an improvement.
  8. Aside from Rebel Commandos, the Legion expansions that you mentioned are ones that most players only need or want 1 of. Rebel Commandos are sold out at my LGS and the other online board game shops in my area. I understand that stock can vary by region, but generally speaking, the expansions that players want are difficult to find. For example, why can't FFG make enough Death Troopers!? They've been in short supply since they were released a year ago. Legion Imperial players want Death Troopers. Stores want to sell customers Death Troopers. Distributors want to supply stores with Death Troopers. And FFG/Asmodee presumably wants to sell Death Troopers to anyone who wants them. But there are no Death Troopers available! So logically, what is the problem? It has to be a supply problem. FFG/Asmodee should reprint twice as many Death Troopers expansion as they originally did and that should fulfill the demand and provide enough reserve stock for the next year or so. (BTW, I don't need Death Troopers myself; I already own 3 units and don't need more. I was just using it as an example of a persistently out-of-stock Legion expansion to prove my point.)
  9. There are legit posts about the OP topic mixed in with all the BS. We can't help it if no one replies to those on-topic posts, or other people don't join the topic conversation. IMO too many people on this forum have an inexplicable aversion to speculation and theory-crafting. These threads tend to die premature deaths because of lack of interest, or they get shutdown by buzzkills. If you dare to speculate, the buzzkills pounce on you and say "speculation is pointless" and "just wait until FFG announces something. Until then, shut up!" If you can keep those buzzkills away from these types of threads, we might be able to hold a civil, on-topic conversation for once.
  10. FFG might prefer if gamers bought their games directly from them so they can keep more of the projects, but @Bigbboyd is correct: FFG is reliant on game stores in order to grow their player base by hosting game nights, OP events, or simply stocking their products on their shelves for browsing customers to see. Any Star Wars fan who sees Legion products in a store is going to stop and take a look. They're not going to see Legion products on the internet or Amazon unless they specifically search for them. Or perhaps they make related searches that trigger the algorithm that makes recommendations. Regardless, if FFG (really Asmodee) can't keep Legion products on store shelves (or online retailers stocked), it will harm Legion's growth and longevity. I don't believe it's a problem with the distributors. It's a problem with the supply tracing back to its source. Asmodee isn't producing enough Legion products to meet the demand, and this isn't limited to Legion. Armada is suffering far worse than Legion; and even X-Wing is suffering from supply problems. I noticed that in 2019, only certain Legion expansions were sold out and weren't being restocked, like Death Troopers and Royal Guards (perhaps some Rebels expansions too but I'm less interested in them). Whereas in early 2020, most Legion expansions were sold out after the holiday season, and most of them haven't been replenished. Asmodee should've anticipated the increased demand during the holidays and been able to over-stock stores, or at least restock them quickly. But that didn't happen. Factories in China weren't shut down until late January and February. If they had been producing Legion products in the months prior to the shutdown, they would've shipped and restocked stores before the shutdown happened. These problems predated the COVID-19 pandemic, so that's not a valid excuse.
  11. I don't get angry. This is how I post. I reply to posts, regardless if they're replies to my posts or an original comment someone else has posted. I like to have conversations, not post a superficial comment or inane joke and move on. The problem here -- and most forums and comments sections in general -- is that people don't like their opinions to be challenged in any way. They don't want a dialogue or discussion; they just want "Likes" and Followers. Whereas I enjoy debating. I'm good at it, for the reasons you recognized. I'm looking for a worthy opponent who is capable of arguing their side in the same way as I do; with facts, reason, and logical deductions, and is willing to make an effort. If I have a problem, it's that I tend to bulldoze people using those techniques. My arguments are designed to be unimpeachable, which is why no can refute them, or even tries. Instead, they redirect the conversation in a subjective, emotional detour by accusing me of going off on "rants" or "tirades" and being "angry". An angry person doesn't compose replies the way I do. We've all seen ANGRY posts before. They tend to be short, often in ALL CAPS, riddled with profanity, and unmistakably emotionally volatile. That's because an angry person has a knee-jerk reaction and has to post their hot-headed reply immediately. They're not going to take 5-10 minutes to write a 1000 word post with proper punctuation, sentence structure, and point-by-point breakdown of the inciting incident. So by mischaracterizing my posts as "angry" you are only degrading your argument. It's a trap to characterize me as "defensive" because how can anyone defend him/herself without appearing "defensive" to people? 🙄 If it's the choice between remaining silent and replying, I choose to reply. The only people who have a problem with that are the ones already prejudiced against me. An unbiased person should recognize and appreciate that replying to a post directed at you is a perfectly reasonable response.
  12. 9 of those 11 links were to YouTube videos, not written articles. You would've known that if you had clicked on any of them. You can't watch a video faster than it takes to play. And most of those videos are longer than 10 minutes, so you didn't have enough time to watch more than one. Which you didn't.
  13. There's no way you had time to read all of those article and view all of those videos in 10 minutes, so your reply was obviously made in ignorance.
  14. I don't see how the ship's speed would effect a cruise missile's range in space. If a new upgrade card was created to use black dice at long range, it should have to be discarded after a single use, similar to External Racks. Perhaps it could be used for 2 attacks in the same round, like Disposable Capacitors. I think that's the only way to balance it. It just wouldn't be fair for a Gladiator or MC30 to spam black dice at medium-long range every round.
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