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  1. I think the cost for the slave 1 title is fine when it is used with boba, it is his ship after all, maybe change the cost for other pilots or maybe errata boba so that only he can use the slave 1 title card.
  2. I can see what people are saying about the slave 1 title, but I also guess it is how you play. I personally like the andrasta title so I can have both seismic charges and proximity mines on emon, and perceptive copilot is a better option then han.
  3. I don't think removing the slave 1 from hyperspace would be a good idea, the scum faction needs a solid ship or it will become just a bunch of aces lists with fang fighters or modified ties. The jumpmaster is not ready to fill in for the slave 1.
  4. thanks, i was not able to find anything about it. I guess minor changes are better then no changes.
  5. so I know that we did not get to use the hyperspace update much from Jan, due to covid, but are they still going to be staying on track with updating every six months like they have said or are we going to have to be stuck with the current hyperspace meta for another six months?
  6. So the ability of the card lets you discard all damage cards take 5 damage and be placed in play at the start if the next turn. My question is. when he comes back will he come back with 4 hull, because the 5 damage took out the 3 shields and 2 hull? Or will he come back with 1 hull, and 3 shields, because of the damage? Or will he come back with no shields, and 1 hull? Also what would happen if he had a hull upgrade or shield upgrade, would they also come back?
  7. While i am all for adding new factions or even sub factions, the biggest problem that they are gonna run into is giving the new factions abilities. It is super easy to make miniatures but to make them all unique is the problem, if you look at 40k they have so many armys but so many of them do the same thing, and it is just a cosmetic thing. They are working really hard to make each faction different with out a power creep, and adding three or more new factions would just muddy the water right now.
  8. This a two part question. Is a proximity mine considered an obstacle after it has been deployed? And can a seismic charge attach to a proximity mine that has not been blown up?
  9. if I have two commanders in my army, and they both have improvised orders, would I draw three tokens and place two back when I get to draw, or would I use one copy of the card draw two tokens place one back, and the next time I get to draw tokens I use the second card?
  10. Thanks for the options, this will help me plus it will be helpful when explaining the game to others.
  11. I think they will do like Wizards did and have independent faction fighters that can join any army, at lest that would be the best way to go. this way they can always just add errated cards to any existing characters (boba fett, bossk, etc..) to let them fight for who ever pays the highest.
  12. i am new to the forums, so forgive me if this has been addressed, but is there any plans or is there somewhere, where all of the existing cards that are out for Legion can be looked at? I always get ideas for armys but I have to wait until I get back to my collection before I can look at the data on the cards to see if my ideas will work.
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