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  1. Agreed, the great story telling and simple game play are big draws for me. I'm really enjoying the experience. Painting the figures has also been very enjoyable. Teaching the game to my gaming group is a breeze as well. However, one item I wish this game had that Imperial Assault has is the side quest system. The straight linear campaign is fun but the side quest mechanic of Imperial Assault really add some nice variety to the game play. I would love to see a similar system implemented to add either back story quests to the heroes or more expansive quests in the area we are adventuring in. If we ever see Moria - maybe Gimli has a side quest to hunt for Balin's old armor - something like that.
  2. Quick question - while attempting keeping this spoiler free. I'm about to start a new play through of the Bones of Arnor campaign, this time with the Figure Pack enabled. Unfortunately, I won't have time to paint these guys before I kick my campaign off next week. I'm hoping none of them pop up in the first journey map scenario of the Bone of Arnor campaign. I hate using unpainted minis.... they make my eyes bleed. Anyone use the figure pack in the Bones of Arnor campaign yet? Any idea when one of them first pops up? Again, try to keep it spoiler free if you can. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the great games you produce. I am currently enjoying Keyforge and X-wing with my kids while I play Imperial Assault and JIME with my gaming group. I was excited to see you land the Marvel IP , any chance we will see a Marvel Miniatures campaign game similar to IA and or JIME? Please say yes! :) Thanks!
  4. IMHO this can't be the end of a miniature based Star Wars games. I think we will see this come back in some form. If you think about it Disney is just about to release a slew of new content including: Season 7 of the Clone Wars The Mandalorian Episode 9 Resistance Season 2 Casian Andor TV Show Game of Thrones Trilogy Rian Johnson Trilogy There is so much on the horizon it would be silly to simply walk away as the brand is about to take a huge leap forward. As a product manager myself you only pause a product for a few reasons FFG is going through a re-organization behind the scenes Once the business and HR stuff is out of the way they may start supporting it again Product sales have flat lined and there is no pivot which allows the product to grow in it's market or increase it's market share This means the product is in a sustain pattern of 2-3 years before official cancellation Minimal investment to keep current customers active and reduce customer abandonment They are innovating on the product; meaning the IA team generated an idea during development and market analysis indicated that idea would be better as a stand alone product to build a new product (game) from I am assuming new game development takes a few years so this is why they aren't saying IA is canceled, they want to sustain their current customer base while building it's replacement I think it's the last one and they are working on something new that may be a year or two out. Only FFG really knows but that's my best Product Manager guess. What do you guys think?
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