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  1. You might have more response over at the reddit community (r/twilightimperium) which is a lot more active than here -- I expect that there would be a fair amount of feedback on that sort of thing over there, as a lot of people there tend to buy accessories for their game. The BGG forums are also quite active, but I think this sort of thing (looking for feedback on a product/potential product for sale) falls just outside what's typically permitted there. For myself, I don't typically have a lot of extra cash available to buy upgrade components of this sort, so cheaper is better -- the price range you talk about here seems quite reasonable to me. (On the other hand, I'm also not real keen on the color-coded command counters, though a lot of people are; I rather like the faction-specific cardboard ones -- so my opinion on the viability of those specifically isn't exactly a useful metric.) One of the biggest products in demand is a viable storage solution. There's several on the market, and all seem to be well-liked by different groups of people. It seems to be a product that there's always room for another option. Resin accessories -- there are a few homebrew rule sets that could use some nice-looking dedicated 3d pieces. The Monuments variant over on r/twilightimperium is a popular one, and there's a few others both there and BGG which have people looking for some good miniatures for Twilight Imperium. But I'd really recommend asking over on the reddit community if you haven't already. That's where you're likely to get the best and most useful responses.
  2. Edge Studio semi-officially announced on their French website back in August that they're working on it, and that they are expecting it to happen sometime in the first half of 2021: http://www.edgeent.fr/news/article/feuilleton_de_lete_lere_du_changement_episode_3 EDIT: Also, their English website, FB page, and Twitter account are covered in, among other things, TI art. At GenCon Online, Sam Gregor-Stewart, the head of the studio (and guy who wrote a lot of PoK lore) strongly implied that a TI Genesys game was coming: https://www.geeknative.com/79397/edge-studios-likely-to-publish-a-new-twilight-imperium-rpg/ Additionally, but possibly just me missing stuff, the TI setting seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the Genesys Foundry community settings (again, that's unless I've just overlooked it multiple times, which is *DEFINITELY* possible...) EDIT AGAIN: See also this (http://www.edgeent.fr/news/article/edge_et_le_futur_du_jeu_de_role) French interview from with SGS in July, where he indicates regarding the next Genesys book that "Je ne devrais pas en dire trop, mais je pense que notre prochain arrêt sera dans le futur. Il peut y avoir de très belles histoires à raconter parmi les ruines des empires interstellaires. Après tout, « la paix est magnifique, mais la guerre est glorieuse ! »" ["I shouldn't say too much, but I believe that our next stop to be in the future. There can be some beautiful stories to recount among the ruins of interstellar empires. After all, PAX MAGNIFICA, BELLUM GLORIOSUM!"]
  3. I actually am not sure that this is really indicative of anything in terms of TI-- we already more or less have confirmation that Edge Studio will be producing a TI RPG (probably a Genesys sourcebook) in the near future, so I don't see any reason why AMG wouldn't be able to do a TI miniatures game. I'd love to see (TI) Armada remade as a miniatures game akin to (SW) Armada.
  4. Here is *almost* everything we know so far: https://aconytebooks.com/shop/the-fractured-void-by-tim-pratt/ There's also an AMA by the author on reddit: ...and the publisher, Aconyte Books, has indicated in a livestream some time ago (which I can't find at the moment-- it's one of their videos on Facebook, but can't remember which one) that the book is rhe first in a planned trilogy, with the possibility of additional books if the trilogy does well. The book is already available for preorder on Amazon, and I think some other places too. I'm excited about it, if you can't tell....😆
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