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    GhengisharnIV got a reaction from JJ48 in Andrew Navaro Q&A   
    It is not designed to be. SW fans can be attracted by the intellectual property rather than the false idea that Warhammer WAS/IS the only miniatures  wargame prior to it’s existence. I have seen many 40k fans stumble in allegiance but personally, as a Star Wars aficionado, there was never a real choice 😀
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to Amanal in This game is great but getting new players is hard...   
    Well the AMA and the ensuing conversation of what went wrong with players is absolutely the best of learning tools for what NOT to do when things go wrong.
    Perhaps the game is on it's last legs or perhaps someone at FFG just "gone and stuffed up" but without the conversation taking place players are going to believe what they want, and that is probably going to damage the game far more than a simple delay ever would.
    The Irony is calling the last set "Spark of Hope".
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to punkUser in I tested my dice...   
    UPDATE TIME! I'll bet you guys never thought this thread was going to get necro'd, but a few minor updates to share.

    First, I redesigned the dice roller a bit to be more reliable (using a stepper motor primarily) and to do a better job keeping heavier dice tumbling nicely... the latter of which is so that I could test the new Gravity Dice X-Wing metal dice. Spoiler: they're fantastic and consistently fair! I also tested a pile more FFG core set dice (total of 20 of each color now).

    All of that is integrated into the document in various sections:
    FFG Red Dice Results FFG Green Dice Results Gravity Dice Results Dice Roller Version 2 stuff Slow motion video of new vs. old dice roller internal design with heavy dice I also made a graph of the official X-Wing red dice I've tested including the new Gravity Dice:

    Suffice it to say, I'm impressed! They're not cheap, but at least there's a high quality option now for X-Wing dice.

    Now we just need to get FFG to allow them in official tournaments... or better, official metal prize dice! That would actually be a *real* prize worth earning/paying for vs. the current palette-swapped-but-still-bad prize dice

    Anyways hope the update is interesting to folks. I'm done testing all the X-Wing stuff I can think of for now, but given that the v2 dice roller is working great I'm tempted to test some Chessex D6's now and see how the Warhammer crowd feels about whatever results
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to Alpha17 in A Journey Begins - R2D2 & C-3PO   
    Yay, another expansion that doesn't look interesting in the slightest.  I hope it being pushed into 2020 doesn't push back good expansions. 
    Anyone else think this just seems odd for Legion?  It just doesn't seem to fit a war game to me. 
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to TerranCmdr in A Journey Begins - R2D2 & C-3PO   
    I think it's pretty cut and dry, you must include 3P0 with R2.
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to Gridloc in A Journey Begins - R2D2 & C-3PO   
    using repair 2 puts one wound token on card, so if you do that twice thats 4 wounds.  it doesn't say put a wound token on for each wound repaird, just when using the ability.
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to werdnaegni in A Journey Begins - R2D2 & C-3PO   
    Tabletop Admiral updated. C-3PO was added as an upgrade slot for R2, since really he's not a unit...
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    GhengisharnIV got a reaction from DwainDibbly in Wookies for Republic   
    You should not be so harsh on yourself or FFG...if your opinion is worth so little, why would anyone care?
    I have 3 units of Wookie warriors and look forward to a few games against the new factions when they release...have already gotten over the pace and variety of releases for Star Wars: Legion by FFG. I am glad I stopped caring about the current meta or hotness years and years ago.
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to R3dReVenge in Are Tauntauns Overpowered? Discuss...   
    I guess reading comprehension isn’t your thing.
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to Alpha17 in Are Tauntauns Overpowered? Discuss...   
    I thought they were snow kangaroos?  
    Anywho, I would tend to answer that yes, Tauntauns are overpowered.  That's not to say they are broken, like I frequently think Sabine is, just that they are far more powerful and good than they have any right to be.  Afterall, other than be strangled in about 3 seconds by a Wampa and later be used as a sleeping bag for Luke, what do they actually do?  Their action economy is ridiculously good, and I'm expecting that if they do end up making a big impact, we'll see the free dodges reduced to one per activation.  People talk about suppression being a counter, but I've never really seen that be a problem for them; simply slap endurance on, and their chances of panicking are virtually nill, and 3 actions (move, dodge, shoot) for a single action when suppressed is nothing to scoff at.  One of the normal answers to cavalry was to get into a building or man walls and firing down on them; for whatever reason, they made it so creature troopers can climb as well.  This is especially dumb when you realize that emplacement troopers can't climb/clamber, even up ladders or stairs, but somehow a kangaroos or overgrown iguana can.  Odd.
    Now, as far as counters go, my experience is limited.  Not to sound arrogant, but I've never had too much trouble with them, as I tend to play defensive and wait for the tauntauns to charge into my gunlines.  The local players are still learning how to use them properly, so I've also got that going for me.  E-Webs are decent counters, as a good roll should give you enough hits/crits to punch through their dodges, as are Force users like Obi-Wan.  Suppressive weapons might help, though as I said above, I'm not seeing them as the answer others are.  I'd say one that that usually works for me is to hit tauntauns fast and hit them hard before they can activate.  Besides the normal benefits of giving them suppression that might or might not matter, your chances of doing damage are much better when they don't have dodge tokens.  It's not always an option, as good players will try to pull their tuantauns back, but at least its something. 
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to MasterShake2 in Are Tauntauns Overpowered? Discuss...   
    So, observationally, the issue isn't A unit of Tauntauns, it's multiple units of Tauntauns.  You can maybe suppress down 1 Tauntaun unit and it will get a mere 3 actions (depending on whether you count the free pivot), but that also means you're doing nothing to other 1 or (god have mercy on you for Tauntauns will not) 2 units.  Also, they get cover way easier than people think on the way in (unit leader in the open, throw the joe behind something big).  Their bases are larger than normal, so the 1 template plus base size can actually allow them to toss the joe into heavy cover WAY more often than most people think on the way in (although they generally won't have it when they get to your lines, but at that point, it's probably already over).
    The other issue is that they aren't prohibited from moving normally while engaged.  Combined with the flexibility of being able to shoot or melee after moving, and you can keep them engaged a lot which allows them to functionally neutralize multiple units at the same time while still getting value.
    The last issue is just their consistency. With easy access to dodges that are automatic damage mitigation and Ram allowing automatic results, Tauntauns are almost impervious to bad dice.  Not quite because you still have enemy defense dice and if the other player can catch them before they activate, they're out of dodges, but you will find yourself having to confront these automatic results more often than not.  Playing the triple Tauntaun + double T-47 list, my observation was that it's defense and offense was so consistent that it was legitimately hard for the dice to fail hard enough to hurt you...but your opponents dice could totally fail and if this happened in the first 1-2 turns, well, just extend your hand and accept the loss.
    Tauntauns and the new T-47s are both in the same category in that, one is fine, if annoying.  2+ becomes a serious problem very quickly.
    ...all that being said, if you take Tauntauns away from me, I will end you...nothing personal.
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to Tropichell in Does anyone waterproof their game pieces?   
    I'm looking for a simple solution for waterproofing all of my cardboard X-Wing game pieces (mainly ship dials and placards). I was just wondering if anyone had a noninvasive paint that won't discolor or cause the edges to start fraying? A friend of mine was using something that took many layers to coat, along the edges, and I am looking for something a little less time consuming... one or two sprays and it's done! I'm trying to keep these things nice for quite a while, and I want them to really last... especially while toting them in and out of adverse weather!
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to FrogTrigger in Andrew Navaro Q&A   
    People are taking this way to personal.
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to Rikalonius in Andrew Navaro Q&A   
    Like Clone Wars, it started off very rough.   I abandoned it and didn't come back until midway through second season.  I don't think it ever rose to the Clone Wars at its peak, but it certainly got much better.  I never like Sabine or Zeb.  Hera was probably one of the best characters the brand has had, unfortunately Chopper was not.  Thrawn really helped the show by being a compelling villain that wasn't a psycho like Maul.  And I don't say that in a pejorative way.  I would watch an entire movie based around Ezra's dealings with Maul and the final climax between him and Obi Wan which was one of the best moments in all of Star Wars, even though I thought it was patently ridiculous when they brought Maul back in Clone Wars.  However, when Rebels did filler episodes, it really lacked behind the Clone Wars.  The first season of Rebels is pretty forgettable, but it does get better, although I was not at all satisfied with the Cetacea ex Machina ending to an otherwise fairly tense final episode.  
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to werdnaegni in Return of the Jedi - Luke Preview   
    Tabletop Admiral updated
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to Polda in Polda's Legion Bad Guys Emporium (Empire and Separatists)   
    Well this is certainly working out better than I expected.

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    GhengisharnIV reacted to ClassicalMoser in Andrew Navaro Q&A   
    It’s only as much a children’s show as The Clone Wars is. Personally I find it the single most compelling cast and story arc in the Star Wars universe, even more so than the Skywalker saga.
     I definitely wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand. Though Tyrants of Lothal leaves something to be desired.
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to TheHoosh in New Rules Reference Up w/ All Points and Erratas   
    Long live the new Hoth META
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to Caimheul1313 in NEW Article up on point changes   
    As opposed to what? Almost every other game that has a textbook sized rulebook with no cards at all to reference for unit abilities so you still end up printing out your own cheat sheets and unit stat lines? 
    The core rules of Legion haven't really changed. They've added more keywords as more units came out, but would you rather the initial release had every keyword we have now when 3/4th of them weren't even on a unit yet?  
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to R3dReVenge in Wookies for Republic   
    CW teaser in March. Initial release (1 commander, 1 corp, and 1 support) in October and then 4 month delay before any other CW content is released is a long time. I briefly mentioned how new CW players will get bored with the game due to lack of content and list diversity. 
    10 packs isn't what I'm asking for. I'm asking for list diversity. At least 2 commanders, 2 corps, and 2 other units. Allow players to make meaningful list building choices. Allow them to experiment with different unit combinations.... This shouldn't be hard, but with how disorganized FFG is, I'm not surprised.
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    GhengisharnIV got a reaction from R3dReVenge in New Rules Reference Up w/ All Points and Erratas   
    Off topic so forgive me. As way of smoothing, here is a small game...please spot the beast.

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    GhengisharnIV got a reaction from Derrault in New Rules Reference Up w/ All Points and Erratas   
    Off topic so forgive me. As way of smoothing, here is a small game...please spot the beast.

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    GhengisharnIV reacted to Ico83 in Andrew Navaro Q&A   
    This is the thing: Legion (and Runewars as well) is just "another" miniature wargame, while IA and Descent were filling another niche of the market. 
    To see them gone to put all their efforts in Legion, to me is just sad. 
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    GhengisharnIV reacted to MasterShake2 in Activation Wars   
    There's a lot of nuance to activations in general.  For example:
    A unit of Tauntauns starts the turn in melee with a unit of stormtroopers they had charged and reduced to 3 models in a previous turn.  The Stormtroopers aim punches and damage one Tauntaun.  The Tauntauns then activate, move out of melee with that unit of Stromtroopers and into melee with another unit of Stormtroopers, kills them down to two models, then uses their second move to engage a third unit of stormtroopers.
    In this situation, the first Stomrtrooper unit's activation got very little value.  The unit of Stormtroopers currently engaged are going to get no value (punching a unit with two dodge tokens is pretty useless, and disengaging basically removes their entire activation just to facilitate another one) and the unit reduced to 2 models also basically has a useless activation.  In this case a 90pt unit of Tauntauns is just manhandling 200pts of Stromtroopers.  The Stormtroopers can't leverage their activation advantage for any value.  Even if the Stormtroopers do eventually defeat the Tauntauns, it will take almost the entire game. 
    Activation control and the relative value of an activation are also factors that are frequently overlooked.  For example, playtesting the double T-47/Triple Tauntaun list, it was observed by both me and my opponents that, even though my opponents were beating me on raw numbers of activations, the fact that I had 5 high value activations vs them having 8 or activations of only middling value with 1-2 high value activations gave me a distinct edge.  The loss of 1 high value activation didn't cripple me, but it did cripple them (either that activation being removed through death, being engaged or even just having bad dice for 1-2 turns).  Meanwhile the low to mid activations were struggling to even come close to high value ones as the high value activations would remove or cripple units and the low value ones would only do minor damage.
    Activations are a very nuanced thing, but internet conversations rarely allow for nuance so it usually just boils down to "MOAR ACTIVATIONS!"
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