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  1. It is great that surge tokens will open up more possibilities for choice and variety...Alex Davey would call it ‘spicy’ 😀
  2. Some important issues raised here...especially that the R2 Threepio combo will be FUN !
  3. Thank goodness...I cannot lookup wookiepedia on my own.
  4. ...now I cannot get the start of this out of my head...
  5. When C3-P0 releases, I will have it kick a tauntaun rider....unfortunately Threepio will not be able to distract as not a trooper. Forcing a tauntaun to attack would have been a useful counter.
  6. https://images.app.goo.gl/43Pk1dmaiYnmoLdC6
  7. Retaliation for clumsy kick in the form of 3 white attack dice...fair enough.
  8. A pity...also a pity the writer or typist ignored the correct spelling. The article currently reads “agressive foes”. Needs an “errata” to correct spelling ‘aGgressive’. Jus’ sayin’ 😗
  9. You should not be so harsh on yourself or FFG...if your opinion is worth so little, why would anyone care? I have 3 units of Wookie warriors and look forward to a few games against the new factions when they release...have already gotten over the pace and variety of releases for Star Wars: Legion by FFG. I am glad I stopped caring about the current meta or hotness years and years ago.
  10. Does FFG have regrets? ABSOLUTELY NOT 🤑
  11. Off topic so forgive me. As way of smoothing, here is a small game...please spot the beast.
  12. Aaargh...early concessions 😆 ...you must have being doing something right! A little off topic, but do you have thoughts about possibly increasing sentinel of the 1.4 cannon by 1 to account for increased range effectiveness?
  13. It is not designed to be. SW fans can be attracted by the intellectual property rather than the false idea that Warhammer WAS/IS the only miniatures wargame prior to it’s existence. I have seen many 40k fans stumble in allegiance but personally, as a Star Wars aficionado, there was never a real choice 😀
  14. Played IA since the start...been with the ups and downs and questionable content - together we have 90% of product (some just were not interesting enough - think later figures around children’s rebels television show for example). Our group planned to play and began to put resources into Star Wars: Legion when it was available. We played IA campaign/skirmish and saw the future. The application required for most recent Lord of the Rings game (which we will not purchase) being reliant on digital content, was built on the FFG experience with upgrading IA. Not fans of the GW method and some of the type of fans it attracts, SW Legion has enough difference and it would be sad to miss out confusing the two as the same. Since you already play 40k etc. then you may as well stay there...we use IA material AND SW Legion with no qualms but no longer have time and $$$ for GW product. Continue to enjoy what you have...life is too short to be bitter about the end of IA as a physically supported and expanded game.
  15. Corroboration is the key...the transcript of a portion of the (now planned) bi-annual Q&A provided in article format specifically reflects the future Andrew N has for the future of IA. There is a future, and it is obviously digital content not physical - even the intro video to FFG before live streams shows IA components as background to digital games label. Just because you do not see the words, does not make the future difficult to predict...often it is what is NOT said with FFG that is the clue... The article is confirmation of all that has gone before regarding the direction of FFG IA. IA is not dead like Runewars for example.
  16. The most recent article in the news section almost 100% confirms Star Wars Imperial Assault will continue DIGITALLY under the digital games segment of research, design, production and marketing. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/9/6/scry-the-future/
  17. Thanks for that article...first I had seen of your blog. Some nice ideas and thoughts. Not trying to be funny, but I enjoy the odd typo like emplacements vs empal cements as the 1.4 impaled on cement needed extra range (frustrating when an AT-ST spends all but the last turn out of range) and the moving the Exweb felt like walking through wet cement. I look forward to reading more 🙂
  18. If I need to give an opponent an advantage, my list will be 6-7 activations at most with an opponent 10-11. Generally I settle on 9-10. These are non competition games BTW.
  19. You have raised some thought provoking ideas. I do not believe FFG would be deliberately malicious...although remembering years such as 2020, Year of the Dewback sounds pretty amusing. I wonder if 2019 will be remembered as year of the sniper or the year the force balanced.
  20. That is correct as announced. Otherwise no other solutions offered by FFG. I will try and remember the range 5 options.
  21. Sounds like it is time for...A CODEX ! When all the rules and point costs settle, I would buy a leather bound tome listing all the point costs, unit statistics, artwork...even fluff... At some point I would be happy to play against those who have a correctly costed army without all their cards present on the table as long as unit bookkeeping methods were obvious without the cards...as long as I had access to their army list.
  22. Well you can let me know how that works out. If you have the time, read the vituperative responses from all before casting more stones. Do you report others for bombarding so many threads with their GW garbage? No. Do you report yourself for “hate” of the sequels? Of course not. I was called a POS and have the right to respond. Will you report that personal attack on me on my behalf? No? Well thanks for nothing... I respect your right for expression of opinion however I have been attacked by some members of a bullying, petty, cowardly cabal who have banded together to attack a grandmother of all people. I expect these folk tell their husbands/wives/partners/significant others what fine upstanding people they are when not unloading psychological traumas on others in a forum space.
  23. That doesn’t even make sense...like 95% of your posts seeking attention...yawn. Tired of sending your b——-s and thought you would have another go hey?
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