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  1. It is great that surge tokens will open up more possibilities for choice and variety...Alex Davey would call it ‘spicy’ 😀
  2. Some important issues raised here...especially that the R2 Threepio combo will be FUN !
  3. Thank goodness...I cannot lookup wookiepedia on my own.
  4. ...now I cannot get the start of this out of my head...
  5. When C3-P0 releases, I will have it kick a tauntaun rider....unfortunately Threepio will not be able to distract as not a trooper. Forcing a tauntaun to attack would have been a useful counter.
  6. https://images.app.goo.gl/43Pk1dmaiYnmoLdC6
  7. Retaliation for clumsy kick in the form of 3 white attack dice...fair enough.
  8. A pity...also a pity the writer or typist ignored the correct spelling. The article currently reads “agressive foes”. Needs an “errata” to correct spelling ‘aGgressive’. Jus’ sayin’ 😗
  9. You should not be so harsh on yourself or FFG...if your opinion is worth so little, why would anyone care? I have 3 units of Wookie warriors and look forward to a few games against the new factions when they release...have already gotten over the pace and variety of releases for Star Wars: Legion by FFG. I am glad I stopped caring about the current meta or hotness years and years ago.
  10. Does FFG have regrets? ABSOLUTELY NOT 🤑
  11. Off topic so forgive me. As way of smoothing, here is a small game...please spot the beast.
  12. Aaargh...early concessions 😆 ...you must have being doing something right! A little off topic, but do you have thoughts about possibly increasing sentinel of the 1.4 cannon by 1 to account for increased range effectiveness?
  13. It is not designed to be. SW fans can be attracted by the intellectual property rather than the false idea that Warhammer WAS/IS the only miniatures wargame prior to it’s existence. I have seen many 40k fans stumble in allegiance but personally, as a Star Wars aficionado, there was never a real choice 😀
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