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  1. So... I might want to jump in. It's been a long while since I last played a miniatures skirmish, but man it's Star Wars, I just can't resist. I can't wait to field an army of B2 droids, one of my favorite creature designs from the prequel era. Seems like we do have point values, anyone been spitballing lists for CIS?
  2. Soo, I was thinking about preparing for the arrival of Epic, and I was wondering, well, how epic is Epic going to be? So if I was going for Scum with a C-ROC, how many small ships in squadrons are we talking? Or a Raider with however many FO TIEs to support it?
  3. ok so i guess that means they can stick around for a while huh?
  4. Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. So I'm new pretty much to Legion. Tempted but wasn't really sure about jumping into a new miniatures game. But Clone Wars were announced, and I knew it was only a matter of time before my beloved B2 supers were announced. On the rare occasions when I uh, *acknowledge* the existence of the prequels, the B2 droids will always come to mind as one of my favorite parts because I thought they were legitimately intimidating. That's 2 ARM 2 HP right? They seem pretty beefy. I really hope we get see the spider tanks and hailfire droids too.
  5. Alright So I got in contact with my local X Wing scene. Quite a lot of guys every week which makes me happy. I wasn't sure how many people would be at my LGS since the advent of 2nd Edition. I decided I will start with a Firespray and 3-4 Z-95s. Now, i dunno, i guess I will be fiddling around with a squad builder and see what kind of combinations i like.
  6. Hey thanks for the replies. I was planning to buy a yt1300 and firespray at the same time anyway, I suppose I will pick up 3-4 Zeds for now. I don't really know much about the game atm, just want to be sure i can pick up what i need in one go for some variant lists, and not find out later that I need one or two more ships. So is it worth the small points bump to fly Black Sun soldiers, or can Binayre pirates pull their weight? EDIT Should have asked, is there a resource i can consult to get up to speed on the various factions, analysis of each ship, pilot options and so on?
  7. Greetings fellow Star Wars fans So i've been hovering around X-Wing for a while. With 2nd Edition having dropped and all these incredible new sculpts coming out i don't think I can sit on the sidelines any longer, I got to jump in and start flying my own squadron. I'll be checking out my local X-Wing scene in the next week or two but in the meantime I've been trying to figure out what I would like to buy first. I'm most interested in Scum and Separatists. For Scum I thought it might fun to try out a swarm of Z-95s (one of my favorite ships from Star Wars). I figure I will still be flying two or 3 Z-95s alongside a YT1300 or a Firespray. So how many would be enough for a swarm? 5-6? Thanks
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