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  1. You can also become Emboldened based on tests during general exploration. I've gotten it a few times from various Interactions.
  2. Threat increases based on number of characters, number of threat tokens, and number of unexplored territories. You can't do much about the first one of course, but clearing out threat tokens as a priority and also exploring quickly seem to be the best ways to keep threat from ramping up too quickly. I think the intention is to ensure large groups spread out over the entire map rather than staying all bunched together.
  3. I took this excellent work and auto-merged it into a format for Avery 3" x 4" cards. If folks are interested, I'll post it up after I do a bit of clean-up (a few of the talents span multiple cards; easier to fix them by hand than try to automate that). It's just text right now, with some formatting to make the fields stand out better. I'm thinking about slapping a subtle background on the pages to make them not quite as stark. Also, they use the SW symbols, as our group is used to those and our brains aren't making the switch over to the Genesys symbols well (plus, all our dice are SW). Ther Word doc could be edited to switch those to the Genesys symbols usiong the TTF file though.
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