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  1. Well the t47 is likely your first lroblem with getting beat, it is notoriously pretty useless. If you dropped that and took either more troopers or special forces that would be a good start. I never take a list with less than 4 corps. As for tactics, you really gotta play the terrain to your advantage, block LoS when you can, try and constantly use cover or dodge for the nimble bonus
  2. You can see more examples in Battlefront 2, the Flametrooper is a FO Snowtrooper
  3. Obviously in our current meta Z6's and DLT's are a staple, and the ion and rocket launcher almost never see action, but given that Clones basically have their own version of each, which do we think will get taken more? I personally think I am going to take the DLT varient more, since I love red dice and long range, but it seems more open than for the current armies. I imagine for droids we will see mostly the rifle, given the current disdain for exhaust cards.
  4. Usually can't go wrong with double snipers, but you would have to drop another 8 points somewhere to make that work. Alternitively another corps is never a bad idea, and you can spend what's left wherever you want 😀 EDIT: Idk if you want to switch up your list this much, but in my experience I have never really felt like I needed another ATRT when I take 2. If you dropped that along with the officer and other upgrades you could probably get two corps, or corps and snipers. I would hesitate to take a list with fewer than 5 corps, the 4 you have now is absolute minimum, imo.
  5. Honestly, drop the Officer and the HQ uplinks and get a more useful activation on the board.
  6. If you're confident with the token mix, I would personally trade the At-Rt laser cannon for a rotary blaster. More effective in my experience, and it would give you a 5pt bid to get Jyn and the Pathfinders out where they need to be
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