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  1. Wow. Thanks for all the input. Now I just have to decide whether I like Endor or Crait more. xD
  2. Hey Guys, so I bought the Base Game today and and immediately got to building. While doing that I already thought about new additions to the Imperials. I both love the Snowtroopers as well as the upcoming Shoretroopers and would like to have both eventually. Now I like to have armies in tabletop games fit together lore-wise. And I love bringing a bit of narrative into the models trough painting and especially basing. I thought of doing the bases in the style of Crait, the salt planet from the last Jedi. That would explain Snowtroopers, but Shoretroopers and Speeder Bikes don't really fit in there. Could there be an explanation for Snowtroopers to be deployed on Endor? It has got huge lakes that could fit Shoretroopers, Bikes obviously fit there, I could even paint up and converse some mud troopers, so no problem there. Only the Snowtroopers don't seem to fit in. Would be glad for someone more immersed in the lore than me to help me out. A planet where all of those would fit, or a good explanation for them to be on for example Endor would be great.
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