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  1. Sorastro has inspired me to take my very amateur hands to painting my lotr set and it's great to see other takes - @wernerkellens your work on Legolas is excellent, you must have a very steady hand! 😃
  2. Yes, got to agree - one of the best board games i've played in a long time. I've played the first two scenarios through solo but will be bringing it to my boardgame group next weekend. Really looking forward to it!
  3. Worth looking at this - FFG replied to a customer question regarding availability of steam app: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2188154/steam-pc-app
  4. Read elsewhere that Steam usually updates at 1pm EST, so if it is going to happen today that'll be the time to check.
  5. But hopefully not the time to learn how to paint in the first place! 😀
  6. Yes but my laptop is a preference for the table so everyone can see what is going on in the app, or at least it would be if the steam release was actually available ☹️
  7. The NPI review has been posted in a separate topic, here are additional early reviews of JIME for anyone interested; The Cardboard Herald https://youtu.be/idKdJz1iWkc Man vs Meeple https://youtu.be/6lHkojt1kVM Board Gaming Ramblings https://youtu.be/AqyOP9M39YM
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