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  1. I’m honestly a little bummed. I thought it was going to be an upcoming expansion for the Board Game. But that’s okay, maybe they still are and this is just something that’s been planned before that expansion? 🤷‍♂️ I’ll probably end up getting it. Seems interesting and curious at least.
  2. Was anything said in regards to a fallout expansion? And did he ever mention the possibility of an elder scrolls board game? 😶
  3. Hi Andrew, Is there anything cooking in the FFG kitchen for a Fallout Board Game expansion? Star Wars Outer Rim expansion? And left field question but....an Elder Scrolls game? Please? 😬 Thanks for your time man!
  4. I’d like to at least see one more! There’s just so much lore that can be thrown at the game. If it did get some love, when do you think they would start teasing it?
  5. So I just got IA and I played the app campaign. It was super fun but felt too short and ended rather abruptly. I hope they include all the boxed expansions for this app because at the moment I have The Bespin Gambit but can’t seem to do anything with its map tiles. ☹️ I’d even pay for them as DLC expansions if that meant they’d give this app some kind of proper priority. What about you guys? Ive seen on these forums a couple times of a link being posted to some custom cards that are used as an AI opponent for the Imperials. Does anyone know if it included the Bespin expansion? It was by Redjakt. Any link to it would be greatly appreciated on my end.
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