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  1. Grab all that you can, I managed to get one of each but some is hard to find at least in Sweden. I had to turn to US, England, Denmark and several stores in Sweden to get at least one of each expansion. Shipmentcosts and crap swedish currency made it cost a bit.
  2. No need for dual squads of rebel units like rangers or saboteurs? I am aiming for fun games. Have also seen the recommendation of both jawas on bgg.
  3. Thanks for the input, I will for sure not compete so one of each might be sufficient for skirmish with friends. Since I miss experience of skirmish I wanted some input . I have no clue if some models will lead to a better game or the lack of some makes it feel broken.
  4. I plan to get one of each expansion/pack for campaign play. If I later would like to play skirmish with friends using my game components is there any reason to get duplicates of any packs?
  5. As a kid i loved the classic movies and used to paper and pen rpg with my best friends but today I am just fed up with the Skywalkers. The universe/setting is great for other stories, personally I have had the best star wars experiences with games like knights of the old republic. I loved the Rogue One movie, Solo was a great watch in 3D with the psvr and the short x-wing extra VR thing in Battlefront i just amazing. Now I will enjoy the universe thanks to IA, IA even got me to watch Rebels with my daughter. I think my kids needs all the Skywalkers figures in IA thou
  6. This was sad news for a new player like me. I was pretty sure this was going to be supported for a long time since it, at least to me gives the best star wars boardgame feel combined with being a top 50 game at BBG. I expected a 2nd ed. due to the fact it to me has not had a proper promotion since it became a solo and coop game, that would have pushed it higher on sales and BBG i guess. Yet I have lot of IA to discover and collect... envy me
  7. Thanks all for your input, since I will mainly play coop/solo my hopes will be for some campaigns to follow in the app. I would have no problem paying for it like in MoM as long as they keep on with the support. Possibly some pdf downloadable campaigns would be great to. The community seems great, planning to go with the RAIV and Imperial Directive after the official app, those variants convinced me making it worth to invest in the game. Even thinking of trying to start painting again. @King_Balrog, working hard here to find all the stuff, as a start the boxes and the classic characters. @Subtrendy2, no problem with run and gun (use them before you lose them), just as the movies Great article by the way. @Bitterman, share your dice envy Happy that the new LotR don’t uses dices, makes it easier to avoid. MoM got me looking into IA since I am not fully impressed by the combat of that game, to simplified by the app.
  8. Hi all, New owner of IA here so please direct me to the correct thread if this has already been discussed. I recently bought IA when I realized that you could now play coop with the app. I have read some speculations of a 2nd ed. coming. Being new to the game with little playing experience I wonder what your thoughts is regarding the game based on your experience. Personally, I think that the system is great and I get the feeling that the community is feeling the same except on balance of competitive skirmish. I do not see the need of any bigger updates that is not possible to manage with some new cards. What do you think? Experience from Descent going to 2nd ed? Best regrards /T
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