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  1. Encouraging less careful games sounds like a good idea for me. Dice variance at those games could be higher due to them having a higher impact than flying (in a perfect game only one side would roll red dice), but should also be lower due to more dice being rolled, which would make the distribution more bell shaped. Still, dice rolling is fun and it would make it easier for new players at their first tournament to kill at least a ship per round instead of only having to chase aces without shooting once. At the same time it would have less effect on the highest placements as the tournament winner often wins all their games.
  2. No Republic? Time for a Republic is the weakest thread?
  3. It is always nice to see a TIE swarm doing well. I am happy that the one Jedi list did reasonably well as well.
  4. Considering that this is a straight upgrade to the Tie V1 primary at ranges beyond 1 and that five Inquisitprs with this upgrade are possible, this sounds very interesting. Does anyone have experience with that many bullseyes? Did anyone fly CLT jedi?
  5. It should probably be a Tie Ln or the Advanced, but I guess Soontir is iconic for this game. No idea what to choose as scum ship. They don't really have a unifying design. What about damage decks with different ships? One could use the ship that is affected by the crit the most. It would help with not having to read damage cards.
  6. If we go into the EU, we could get Bardan Jusik as a pilot of Mandalorian craft. I have no idea, if he flew anything in the past the battle of Yavin, but sadly he did not fly anything in the clone wars era.
  7. All of those could fit into a single list, depending on how expensive Snap Shot will be. I calculated with four points and had to cut something, but it is still possible. Too bad that Seevor's ability requires charges. Still, I will probably try this, once the talent has points and I manage to get the models.
  8. Rey and Poe fighting? I did not expect that. Poe does not look like a fighter who could challenge a force user outside of the cockpit.
  9. Maybe Linked red Coordinate, similar to interceptor reposition. Probably some restriction, since it would be powerful.
  10. Sense on Mace was my first idea as well, but I left it open, since Juke could make sense. I am always partial to FCS, especially, since Padmé could be the endgame ship with possesing the lowest obvious threat. Regen would always be nice thought. Disengaging is generally a good idea, since Obi-Wan and Luminara can burn through their force stacks in a single round.
  11. I am not really sold on Saesee's ability. Slave 1 is great, but hers has a lot higher cost. What about taking Padmé? She synergises great with Luminara, but might have a problem with offensive output. Something like this: Obi-Wan Kenobi (47) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) Mace Windu (45) Calibrated Laser Targeting (3) Luminara Unduli (43) Calibrated Laser Targeting (3) Padmé Amidala (45) Total: 190 With ten points left for upgrades.
  12. Lots of people want to have Wedge Ketch in an Interceptor.
  13. More a Squadron than a single ship build: Seyn Manara (30), Heroic (1), Predator (2), Optimised Prototype [33] OP and the pilot ability mean she can do two damage to a ship without having to care for defensive dice. Would have loved Rey Gunner here, but that does not work without a turret arc Gavin Darklighter (61), Director Krennic (5), R4 (2), R3 (3), FCS(2) [73] The combination of Krennic and Target locks from anywhere is great. Additionally, I finally don't have to think about which astro mech droid to take. Gavin is for setting up the crits for Seyn. Howlrunner (40) Why not double down on the Seyn synergy by giving dice mods. This is the weakest link and should probably be removed. Edit: replace her with M9-G8 on the third ship. Thane Kyrell (48) Flipping damage cards is great, if there is a way to get them under shields. [196]
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