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  1. Lots of people want to have Wedge Ketch in an Interceptor.
  2. More a Squadron than a single ship build: Seyn Manara (30), Heroic (1), Predator (2), Optimised Prototype [33] OP and the pilot ability mean she can do two damage to a ship without having to care for defensive dice. Would have loved Rey Gunner here, but that does not work without a turret arc Gavin Darklighter (61), Director Krennic (5), R4 (2), R3 (3), FCS(2) [73] The combination of Krennic and Target locks from anywhere is great. Additionally, I finally don't have to think about which astro mech droid to take. Gavin is for setting up the crits for Seyn. Howlrunner (40) Why not double down on the Seyn synergy by giving dice mods. This is the weakest link and should probably be removed. Edit: replace her with M9-G8 on the third ship. Thane Kyrell (48) Flipping damage cards is great, if there is a way to get them under shields. [196]
  3. Someone had good results with Guri/Fenn at the Dresden Hyperspace Trial.
  4. Yes, it should trigger every time, when he gets a stress token. I am just not sure, what happens, if you get panicked pilot.
  5. You could keep Outmaneuver, if you have the points for it. What is your plan for the Tie Fighter? The advantage of arc-dodgers is that they don't get shot. If your opponents shoot the academy pilot instead, you lose some value of arc dodging.
  6. Looks good. Bonus points if you are Nien, boosted into range one with your first action and don't get stress, so you can take your second action.
  7. When I ran a variant of this, my biggest problem were rebel lists outjousting me. Be it torpedoes or regular rebel beef, you have to be really careful with your engagements to not get into that joust. If your opponent flies everything in formation, they have problems with the different speeds. If they form pairs, they have to do a lot of work to engage at the same time with both.
  8. I am looking forward to hearing about your results. Good luck. That feels a little depressing. Fangs should be great at jousting, considering how Concordia Faceoff plays into their lore. I finally decided to go with Boba Guri next week. I remembered that I won a Boba card at the last tournament there. Just trying to figure out my upgrades: Guri (63) Outmaneuver (6) Advanced Sensors (10) Afterburners (6) Boba Fett (86) Trick Shot (2) Perceptive Copilot (8) Proton Bombs (5) Inertial Dampeners (1) Slave I (2) Total: 189 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Inertial Dampeners are mostly there to make my opponent think more and win me the odd game, when he doesn't respect them. Slave I is there for similar reasons. Makes me win 50/50 decisions, if my oponent has to choose to move in one direction or the other. If I had more points, I would probably get HLC. No idea, what to do with the Proton, Seismic and Mine debate. I can drop mines, when I can guarantee hits, but the others have better area coverage.
  9. I feared this. So either play without initiative, kick Teroch for a lot of upgrades, take the skull squadron pilot or get Boba as wingman.
  10. I am thinking about bringing the Guri, Fenn and Teroch lists to a tournament. Advanced Sensors leaves me with a bid of three points, which should be enough against most non-ace matchups. One of the questions is, if I am greedy and go with some talents to reduce the bid to one point. That is probably a terrible idea. Right now I wish, I knew, what the bids were in the previous iteration of that tournament. There I went with full points and I think, I was matched twice with a zero-bid list? As obstacles I will probably bring asteroids to make the lives of my enemies more difficult. Obstacles take options from everyone, so do they annoy more maneuverable or less maneuverable ships more? The other question I am having is that of the gameplan. Lists I am expecting: Imperial and First order aces, Rebel beef and torpedo lists, bombers, jedi with clone support, separatist (mini-) swarms, Resistance aces and whatever scum wants to bring. Against jousty lists, I will probably place the fangs on the other side, facing along my boardedge and try to flank with Guri. I should be able to avoid any arcs with her, even if it costs me my shots, so it would be nice, if they focus on her. The Fangs fly away, if chased or turn around, if the enemy focuses on Guri. Against jousty lists with two dice primaries, I could probably go more aggressive, if I manage to range control correctly. Against aces, I would keep the ships together and be the jousty list. At least as long as I have the initiative. If I can manage to pull them into my corner, by deploying there and fleeing, I should have advantages in the maneuvering game. The other option would be to go into the obstacles in the centers, which would mean that I have easier turn options after the intitial engagements, while they would have to fly into the obstacle fields. That means that I have less maneuverability options in the first engagment though. Teroch will probably be usefull here for his ability. Ini 6 pilot plus support combinations would be dealt with by trying to trade the Fangs against the ace to have Guri mop everything up. Any Vader/Soontir list will probably be terrible for me, but should provide a fun flying experience. Another problem I can see, is my lacking experience with fling this list and in general, but that is what I am going to change in this tournament.
  11. Kit Fisto was the squid headed guy, who helped Mace Windu pöace Palpatine under arrest. The one that did not die in the first five seconds. Depa Billaba was Mace's Padawan and Kanan's (the guy in Rebels) master. T E-E is super obscure. She was a padawan that went onto a mission with Yoda to talk with Dooku about stopping the war and making peace. Kettch is an alias under which Wedge Antilles pretended to be a pirate and got employed by an Imperial warlord. Additionally, he is an Ewok.
  12. Considering that my first interaction with any Star Wars media were the X-wing novels, most pilots from there. Kettch in an Interceptor will never happen, but that won't stop me from dreaming about it. Finally a pilot to match the Baron's skill. More mainstream is my desire to have all the jedi pilots. It starts with the more known still canon ones like Kit Fisto and Depa Billaba, but extends to the more uncommon ones like Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy, although I don't think the latter ever piloted a starfighter.
  13. It has the same statline as a Fang Fighter, but its reposition is more complicated and can leave them with one less agility. Without a ship ability, the should cost less. So probably under 40 points, although the generic has a higher pilot skill than a Zealous Recruit.
  14. The new Snapshot will be a nice combination with Laetin A'shera. You either get damage with your unmodified shot or get a free evade.
  15. Genesis Red has such a cool ability, but the culling of token stacks nerfed him a little. Still, against ships with an initiative of 3 and lower he can get reliable double mods or force the enemy to take locks instead of foci. Now that I think of it. Has anyone tried flying him against Phantoms? Starting the Combat Phase with Lock, Focus and Evate sounds nice.
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