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  1. I looking for the Lists. Because I read somewhere, that one guy finished 6-2 with a decimator.
  2. I used to fly only imperials, but defeat after defeat in 2.0 with the proton torpedoes, I decided to move to Rebels, it was fun and then the points update happen. I had to modify all of my list to make them work. After play 2 Hyperspace trial and one Open series, I decided to move back into Imps after test the Vulture droids. I'm still having fun? Yes, but I didn't play any "Major" tournament with imperials yet.
  3. Yes many of them. Actually there was like waves of people leaving the game. 1st wave - After 360 degree turrets (when the millenium falcon was released), 3 people quit. 2nd wave - After the 4 Y-wing TLT meta, 5 people quit. 3rd wave - Competitive scene, in my local group there was a big discussion about how competitive the game was and there was no enjoyable environment for the players, 4 people (even myself) quit the game. 4th wave - 2nd edition was announced, 3 people quit the game. (I came back to the game and some of my friends too)
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