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  1. Hi guys, I have been looking for grand championships information, but I didn't find anything but the one at UK games expo. (Info: https://www.asmodee.co.uk/news-item/announcing-star-wars-x-wing-armada-legion-2020-uk-grand-championships-uk-games-expo/ ) Prizes: To be awarded from the 2020 X-Wing Grand Championship kit from FFG, distributed based on standings. The kit contains: 504 promo cards 56 sheets of punchboard 28 damage decks 20 range ruler sets 16 packs of tokens 4 sets of manoeuvre templates 4 invites to the next World Championships 1 template tray 1 trophy Is this the first one? No other announced? Can we start a list of them? Grand championships 2020: UK: 29th-31st May
  2. R2 astromech: 6/6/8/12 R2-D2 astromech: 8/8/10/14
  3. 1- R2 droid to cost at least as 2 shields (Like adding 2 shield upgrade) 2-Jedi up at least 4 points each unique pilot 3-vultures up 2 points 4-nantex named pilots to rise 4 points each 5-ensnare up 2 points
  4. 4 B wings with shield upgrade and selfless 4 tie fo/sf with fire control system, fanatical and special forces gunner 5 cartel marauders
  5. In casual game I only go with my small feldherr carring case with one or two lists with the everything needed (tokens, cards, dial...) Tournaments, I only carry the same feldherr case, but with only one list and an extra set of base and pegs.
  6. Joakko

    Should i come back?

    Short answer: Yes! Long answer: Yes, they fixed some of the mechanics that allowed you to win without doing a big effort (360 degree turrets, invincible combos, AKA ghostfenn...) and there's new stuff like charges and force. One of the important changes is how torpedoes, rockets and missiles works. If you never played a 2.0, I recommend to go to your FLGS and ask for a game to any "veteran 2.0" player.
  7. Edge entertainment does not have the right over x-wing, now is managed by Asmodee. I would try from some of the spanish stores (tablerum, zacatrus...) maybe they can ship to the US.
  8. In my experience, bad dice exists. I was at the Spanish system open, 2-1 at that moment. Same result to my rival. In round 4 or so, he said: “your dice are rubbish, please let share my dice and throw it into a bonfire”. I was flying 2 Scruggs with veteran turret gunner and ion in one of them and dorsal in the other one. Drea Renthal with dorsal and y wing with ion turret and veteran turret gunner. Even with reroll with drea I was unable to roll more than 2 hits with each ship. Since I changed the dice I was able to roll properly and I managed to ended in 17th place. On day 2, the strategy was the same, ask to the opponent to share dice. First game, top 32. We share dice, but in this case I cannot blame the dice, we were sharing, but still my rolls were completely rubbish and his were incredibly good. Each time he rolls with Vader he never blanked and when I roll for attack, his result was always enough to block the attack. I.e. I rolled 3 dice, hit, critical and blank. He rolled 2 evades. Second shot with ion, hit, hit, eye. Spend focus, and his result evade, evade, eye. Spend 1 force and evaded. in this case, what I could blame? Dice, we were sharing? Luck? Bad rolling technique? The only way to make this more even, I will suggest to use new dices in the top tier events at the top cut.
  9. I added my list. It was a really fun weekend the only problem was the heat wave that was on going on this weekend. I think it could be the closest experience of playing in mustafar.
  10. @Dr Moneypants I played the hyperspace cup/Grand nationals the past weekend in Birmingham at UK Games Expo. 196 players (Imperial 51, Rebel 44, Scum 28, Republic 24, First order 21, Separatists 16, Resistance 12) The winner played the famous 5 resistance A-wings. You can find the streaming at firestormsquadfirecast One of the thing that I didn't like, is the fact that you don't get a participation prize, there's only prize to top 16 per faction.
  11. This was a major complain in the UK community, at first they announced as a Hyperspace cup and everybody was ok with it and it supposed to be a Hyperspace event, but about a month ago, they publish a new post in the FFG OP Europe explaining that the event will be a Extended format game and they change the name. https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/game.php?id=FFG4661
  12. we'll have some more information today, in FFG Live. For us, UK players, it will be on this weekend in UKGE. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/4/30/ffg-live-in-may/
  13. I looking for the Lists. Because I read somewhere, that one guy finished 6-2 with a decimator.
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