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  1. Hi we played Murder on The Stargazer Express. We had uncovered all the rooms and pretty much all the suspects and felt we knew who the murderer was there was only one room we did not explore which i'm guessing was the engine room, from above, anyway we saved the game as it was late, which we have done with most of them. When we resumed the scenario last night we went to resume senario, which started up but then had no revealed map tiles just a sort of dark red textured surface, the draws could be opened but held no contents the only thing that did work was ending either mythos or player turn showing the the Characters we were playing at player turn start and dialogue for the mythos event. apart from that that the rest of the game was completely lost, closed down and restarted a couple of times but the result was the same. very Frustrating Miles P.S. does anyone from fantasy flight actually read these ?
  2. Fair point raised, and was talking about the tile and figure pack as a complete product and limited stock availability and the explanation given by Andrew Navaro in regards to the moulds. working in digital graphics myself which includes printing, the company and the artist would have had the artwork saved, changing the symbols on the tiles would not be difficult, to assign a new printer would not be difficult as the artwork would be kept in house, or even with the original printers. In regards to the injection moulding I still believe that the tooling would have been scrapped or recycled at the end of the contract, there is a possibility that the tooling may have got too old, the fact is what ever happened to the tooling the its not as simple of changing the artwork unless someone else has a better explanation. but believe me Id love to see them back in print
  3. I think the real reality of both Recurring Nightmares and Suppressed Memories, is they were surplus tiles and figures left over from the original Mansions of Madness and were never part of Mansions of madness 2 campaign. The tooling for the miniatures were probably actually scrapped at the end of the contract for MM1 as the contract ended with that particular injection molding company. As there are only 2 addition Scenarios I think those scenarios were really aimed at the customers who already owned the original game and expansions as a sweetener to encourage them to purchase MM2 as an expansion. Just an opinion
  4. would it be possible to let us know if there any plans for Mansions of madness for the future in regards to downloadable content and expansions, also are there any plans to reprint Suppressed Memories and Recurring Nightmares, news regarding Mansions of Madness news has been very slow this year and hoping its not being phased out. Also a campaign game for Mansions would be great I only got into the game at the beginning of the year, and have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect from gameplay to collecting expansions and painting of the figures. for me I have loved the immersive experience this game has offered as a hobby I genuinely love it and hope its still financially viable for you to produce. One of the reasons for buying into the game was what looked like a healthy stream of expansions each year to collect, so I am and others hoping its not being phased out otherwise extremely disappointed Thanks in advance P.S. I have pre ordered parth of the serpent
  5. I think its a personal choice to be honest I have stuck with the original bases because I like the token in the base because I didn't want to be searching for monsters then trying to find their token to go with them sometimes it does get a little crowded I admit but I am happy to live with that, I do however like the clear bases, Im sure someone will have found a solution though, for the clear bases
  6. My comment was based on hope lol prior to the in flight report at gencon and their announcements I did realise possibly too close from the announcement of path of the serpent (already pre-ordered) for anything major but I was hoping for possible future plans DLCS e.t.c as this year FFG has only made one announcement on the 24th of june since 29th of November 2018 where prior to that there was Mansions news pretty much every month ( I realise not every month last year) which is why I purchased the game and the expansions apart from suppressed memories which I am currently looking for and recurring nightmares, although I have picked up a first edition game. Maybe FFG feel financially it is done or maybe its on the back burner, I hope it is the alter as I feel currently the game has so much more potential and opportunities, if not there is Valkyrie Homebrew which i am still getting my head around writing a game. Alternatively there are other games with minis to collect and paint in the future but would prefer to continue with Mansions of madness.
  7. I was optimistic of some announcement but its looking like there may not be any announcement for anything for MOM 2nd ED :0(
  8. For those of us waiting in hope for the reprint of Suppressed Memories and Recurring Nightmares, and doing much probing Asmodee is the parent company to a lot of games companies and have a catalogue, Although 2018 was last updated feb 2019, top of page 6 shows they are currently still listed, so there is currently hope yay !! unless i've overlooked something Here is the link https://b2b-media-production-ana.s3.amazonaws.com/filer_public/aa/f6/aaf67659-900f-4a0f-99cd-a67a4598d203/ana_toygift_02212019.pdf
  9. Im hoping not, having only got into the game this year and purchased all the available expansions, which definitely create more variation when playing, and i'm running out of characters and monsters to paint. As they are listed as out of stock and not discontinued, and FFG are saying pay attention to the release calendar (which I am doing religiously), also I have registered with ZATU games to notify me when in stock as they have an out of stock listing too, so for time being I wait impatiently for news of these to be reprinted, and new expansions too.
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