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  1. Its still Rolands Deck so Its a win and a clue for Roland, well that is my understanding of the rules
  2. Its all brutal even on easy. Occasionally the game gives you false hope and you think you've got this, then in the next mythos phase you draw a crippling cruel card from the encounter deck followed by some bad luck on the chaos tokens. You lose a scenario and wonder how that happens. Then the investigator dies or becomes insane. you pack the game away vowing never to play it again. But then like some addictive drug your setting up the next game with a brand new deck and brand new hope to experience it all again. Should be renamed BDSM of LCG Joking aside I love it!! it is a brutal game and losing is a part of it but as mentioned the story line and the challenge do make the game fun and memorable. Once you have had a bit of experience playing and building decks, you do stand a better chance of succeeding providing that rascally chaos bag is kind to you. I only got into the game in March I have done Night of the zealot and return to, quite a few times a few times also Dunwich legacy which i am currently working through again. and are repayable and different every-time. Although I have some of the other full cycles I dont feel I am ready to progress just yet partly because im missing allot of cocosa cycle and just feel for me the jump to either circle undone which I have the full cycle (dont have dream eaters) or insmouth might be too much at the moment, Plus alot of the advice suggests doing the cycles in order of release, although thats easier said than done when there are gaps in the collections at the moment, but everyone is different.
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