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  1. I think the "rather than" part is just to cancel the regular fight damage. Nothing more.
  2. Different topic, but same card (Evasion Sigil) The strange thing is here, that the "before a creature fights" is seen in some places in the internet as the same time as when "before fight:" resolves. Meaning an active player can decide and so e.g. do the 2 assault damage (=before fight damage) with an Ancient Bear before choosing to discard. Though the reminder with the "exhaust that creature with no effect" then is not completely matching as the creature is already exhausted. It seems to me the card should have read as "before a create is used to fight" or something like that.
  3. In my area there is no difference. No community around here (yet), so I have to do some travels for e.g. chainbound events. But that is no reason for me play it online (done that with Magic Arena - never again). My main point was that FFG of course can't snip and an official online Keyforge appears. There is effort involved in this, lots of. I don't want this taking resources from any non-online, physical Keyforge plans at the current point.
  4. Keyforge should be played in person. I would not support any online playing, even more I am against it. As there is already that Crucible, I would not like to see FFG waste any resources for online play at the current point.
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