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  1. I am on the CLT Anakin chopper is stupid train.
  2. I've tried it, but I just find them to be way to straight-line.
  3. I know defenders are strong, but does anyone else find them boring to fly?
  4. I've tried out CLT Ani with chopper. He definitely put in work.
  5. I've been using a list with 3 + Vader. At the current cost, if your dice are above average the cost feels alright, but too often their cost just hurts your soul.
  6. Ya, I agree with not choosing a rigid number. Even if some of the ships in the pool are rarely used, more options make people happier. I think the issue with using viable lists is it hard metric to use when rotating ships or upgrades. If FFG decided to switch the T-65 for the E-wing, is that going to give rebels more or fewer viable lists? And is FFG supposed to figure it out when selecting ships? Also, how long does it take us as a community to figure out what works? For example, look at Oldpara's Avenger swarm. BTW since this is the internet, hopefully this didn't sound aggressive. More just interested in thinking about how rotation would work best.
  7. Ya I think pilots shuffling out could make it interesting. What upgrades would you like to see changed around? Do you base it on what is being played a bunch right now to try to make it a meaningful choice? IE R2 astromech Outside of that, I was struggling to think of things to remove. Like if you take out crackshot, how many talent slots are getting filled? Same with afterburners.
  8. So if hyperspace goes back to its original form with a limited number of ships, what is the ideal number of ships per faction? 5? 6? Also what ships do they rotate from the original factions? I personally think it'd be cool to rotate based on theme like having only ships (and maybe pilots) that were in Rebels for a bit.
  9. I think part of the issue goes back to how Hyperspace got butchered. Back when it was only four ships for rebels, the escort worked well as a filler because it was one of the only options.
  10. You mean that thing that came in the box with my escape craft?
  11. It does well enough against aces but struggles against beef.
  12. Nice write up. I agree with Kath and the Z's. Been trying to make a Kath swarm work forever now, but it just seems lackluster and subpar for what you are paying.
  13. I might need to do that, I blanked out a few times and I didn't know what I should do 🤔🤔🤔
  14. I flew something like that, it seems solid. Would have probably been better if it wasn't my first time putting Han on the table.
  15. Diet Super Luke (precog) seems to be flying under the radar.
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