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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. My rebels have danced away from every chicken walker and pickup truck tank they’ve ever faced, and won far more than they’ve lost. The exception for me was a double Dewback list I faced in a recent skirmish game. I had double Wookies so decided to duke it out. I couldn’t help myself!
  2. I wouldn’t go that far. The ending revelation was telegraphed far too much and CF 99 are very tropey (is that a word?). I’d say it was a solid exposition building block episode. Personally, I have higher hopes for the final four episodes, with Filoni so committed in exploring Mandalorians across all of his three series. I am betting Bo-Katan Kryse will make a re-appearance for back story reasons.
  3. Production and shipping delays related to the Coronavirus come to mind.
  4. Welcome Wookerz! I’m a big walking carpet fan myself, and most of my skirmish lists (as I rarely play 800) starts with one min and one max Wookie unit, with a trailing medical droid equipped trooper squad. My opponents all seem to be in terror of them, especially on the small 3 x 3 board. That white Defense die is a huge Achilles heel though. So you really need to be as aggressive as possible with them and get stuck in before they melt. They are also usually kited until at least turn 3 so you’re always trying to earn their points back late. And don’t forget they have climb - the direct route is always the shortest and therefore best. I play them because they are fluffy and fun, not to win tourneys. Approach a Wookie army with that mindset and you’ll have a barrel of laughs. Side note: if you can nab the two Imperial Assault Wookie character minis, they make nice alternate models and are nearly the same height once you add a spacer under the molded base.
  5. Saw some at mine too last week. They must be trickling out.
  6. I won’t lie - Clan Wren got my very enthusiastic attention after months of my disappointment about missed release dates. Really looking forward to this... if true. I’m not a prequel fan, but ep2 Padme might be a fun paint project with my daughter.
  7. Trying not be cranky, but I’m in believe when I see it mode these days.
  8. A lot of good advice here. As a fan of the Wookie rush I can attest to the danger Stormtroopers pose in melee if you get bogged down. Keep in mind Precise 1 still works in HTH. However I theorize your problem with big bads is exacerbated by being stuck playing vanilla battle cards. It is a big disadvantage when faced with the character sets and their various tricks. You should really consider at least stepping up to Veers.
  9. Mel Miniatures has some: https://www.shapeways.com/product/NKCJRT32Y/legion-12x-rebel-endor-trooper-human-heads?optionId=115060432&li=shops https://www.shapeways.com/product/2G5VC54UJ/legion-12x-rebel-fleet-trooper-human-heads?optionId=112461473&li=shops
  10. Watch ‘Rebels’ instead; two strong female characters for her to enjoy. >>>><<<< Reading these comments and two thoughts occur to me: 1. There are a lot of absolutists when it comes to JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson and they bring a bias with them. 2. Both made similar mistakes (my opinion) in the latest two films: a) Broke away from established space battle norms (ie cheated) in order to produce a new visual and tension: Holdo maneuver & light speed skipping. b) Both used an unnecessary side quest to establish a main character’s love interest: Finn/Rose on Casino planet (get code, plan didn’t work) and Poe/Suri on snowy rock planet (C3P0 mind wiped then not). Take all these out and the films improve greatly. The fact that there are camps fervently claiming one is better than the other amuses me a lot as both ep 8 and 9 are flawed but enjoyable enough if you are willing to relax.
  11. So true. If you think the backlash against Rose was bad, the amount of Jar Jar fan hate drove Ahmed Best into depression. Tack on a stalker-like creepy love story and some gawd awful dialog/delivery 30% of the time, and viewers like me walked out complaining about a lot. Only difference I guess was we were desperate back then for anything SW so we overlooked the warts to concentrate on the good stuff. Sweet Jeebus, nsync's Joey Fatone appears in AotC to make a producer's daughter happy. When I watched the prequels with my 13yo daughter for the first time this summer, by mid ep 2 she asked me to skip all the Anakin & Padme scenes 'cuz they were so cringe worthy. She was right to do so.
  12. Watching persons debate in this thread has been mildly entertaining while stuck here at work. But let me the congratulate the two putzes who managed to put massive spoilers in their rants 1 day after the movie debut without the decency of spoiler warnings. If there was an ignore setting for this forum, I’d use it on you two selfish twits. I saw the movie before those posts luckily - you just simply proved your lack of consideration of others makes your opinions entirely worthless to me.
  13. My wife and I saw it today. She is completely non-nerd btw. We both liked it. It was fun and got some emotional response from us at points. We have not analyzed beyond that. It seems you can go in negative and then nitpick it to death to reinforce your opinion, or go in positive and enjoy it for what it is.
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