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  1. fantastic job there , i dont agree with all the color choices but the detail on everyone is amazing . I recently started painting the LOTR JIME figures after like 20 years of no painting at all and if i manage to get 70% of your details i will very happy .
  2. Thanks for the replies , i think i will start with Lair of the Wurm enabled and get used to the app , then i will add the rest . I have some other questions also but i will leave them for later when i have some play time .
  3. Hello all , i want to start the RTL campaigns since i dont have much free time or anyone else to play really . I have just played a few times the core game with a friend of mine . I have the core game , Lair of the Wurm , Labyrinh of Ruin and Shadow of Nerkhall . Do you think its a good idea to enable all expansions right away or play with the base game a few times first ? When i enable all expansions i have , do i have to shuffle all condition , shop items , travel cards etc from all expansions ?
  4. well , i was expecting a smaller box but i`m very happy with this one because ....balrog !!!
  5. i a`m one of those people that like the psysical components of a board game but also like the option to play solo most of the time , i might play once a month with some friends and even that is not likely to happen.So any combination of a good rpg style game makes me happy and i might want even more from the app ,like more voice acting ,figures on the map etc.
  6. my lgs (Greece) already have it in stock but will start selling next week
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