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  1. I run Krennic, Veers (for the free aims), 3 naked Stormtroopers and 4 Deathtroopers with DLTs and focus fire. The troopers are for objective grabbing, while Veers and the DT's advance and kill using bounding overwatch. It has been very successful so far against infantry based armies. Armor would be a challenge, though.
  2. I ran a great Mechanized Infantry list with Veers 3x Storm (naked objective grabber/fodder) 3x Death Troopers, 2 DLT, 1 DT-F16 (A#1 Killers) 1 ATST w light blaster and grenades (Fire support tank) I went up against a infantry heavy Imperial scout list with Fett, speeders and snipers. Veers used maximum firepower to kill the sniper team in the PERFECT tower position. ATST took ineffective fire while DTs used range 4 attacks with Veer's free aims to establish the key positions as kill zones. Took down Fett in one turn with coordinated fire and then advanced on defended positions with rifle grenades. Textbook operation.
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