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  1. Given the limitation of 3 corps units, it's a good list. It's not my competitive Veers/death troopers list. Nothing like acing TTs on turn one before they even move.
  2. Here's my 3 corps phase 1. Lots of token sharing madness. Clone Captain Rex (90 + 12 = 102)--Aggressive Tactics (10), Recon Intel (2)Obi-Wan Kenobi (175 + 20 = 195)--Force Reflexes (10), Aggressive Tactics (10)Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 43 = 95)--DC-15 Phase I Trooper (30), Phase I Clone Trooper (13)Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 43 = 95)--DC-15 Phase I Trooper (30), Phase I Clone Trooper (13)Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 43 = 95)--DC-15 Phase I Trooper (30), Phase I Clone Trooper (13)TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank (170 + 47 = 217)--Veteran Clone Pilot (7), TX-130 Beam Cannon Turret (30), HQ Uplink (10) Commands: Hello There! (1), Call Me Captain (1), Knowledge and Defense (2), Take That, Clankers! (2), General Kenobi (3), Were Not Programmed (3), Standing Orders (4)
  3. If the tank has the beam turret, you want to maximize its use: 1. You need to shoot targets that have not been fired upon yet 2. It is easier to hit targets that have not moved into cover or have taken dodges (especially for free) or have dispersed. 3. Tank needs an order token to go first or second. Second if you want to generate aims for it with Rex and Vet Clone. *This is for my Kenobi/Rex/Tank surge madness army.
  4. Republic Commando did B2s the best. They were absolute monsters that you had to pick apart or blast with AT rounds. I remember them coming in an taking all our fire, not going down and simply responding in that flat robot (NOT EP 3 funny voice) "NO."
  5. Krennic 4 DT gunline works every time for me.
  6. [[[SUBNET CLASSIFICATION - Brilliant Eyes = TRUE]]] ENCRYPTED FLASH TRAFFIC FROM REACH MC :::We kept everything. Days until Operation Unified Spear = 76Qnx45::: [[[END BURST TRANSMISSION]]]
  7. I loved HFB. Especially how the formations and battle groups worked. And the fire control system. And boarding. lol
  8. I played the Halo Fleet Battles game, it was high quality. Great rules and miniatures. The problems with it were in model price (way too high), availability, and game support. Not enough missions, or unit releases. I mean, you guys think Armada is bad, lol. Unfortunately, Halo Ground Command was dead on arrival. Great rules and campaign. But not enough people wanted the smaller mini base. And they released it just as the company was collapsing. If I recall correctly.
  9. I want General Skywalker and definitely Clone Commandos.
  10. BINGO. My 4 DT Veers/Krennic list eats them alive.
  11. Similar to what I run. I cut the stormtrooper dlts and add Veers for the free aims. 4 Deathtroopers eat anything I've seen so far. even Vader.
  12. I went against Luke and 2 riders with my Krennic/Veers Death Trooper list. Neither survived concentrated fire at range 4.
  13. This list did pretty well at my RPQ, won 2 games, but lost 1 due to showing up late, lol. High point was gunning down Vader after he tank charged 3 Death Troopers. He took one out, engaged an adjacent Stormtrooper unit (who then activated and withdrew - exposing Vader), the last 2 DT's gunned him down for 5 and and then 7 damage (IIRC). Had a great time and played against great opponents!
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