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  1. Yeah sounds good, i might dry brush them screaming skull to. I'm also thinking of use the citadel paint guide for the tau dessert scheme; the colors seem almost identical. I'll get back to you wen i find it.
  2. Thanks this is really useful, a superb guide! I'm looking forward to the battle droids.
  3. Just a quick question really, have you seen any painting guides or do you have a good idea of what color classic battle droids could be painted as. Preferably in citadel paints. Also there was a painting blog on this site that featured scouts painted as clone wars Kashyyyk troops from the 41st scout battalion, though i can't remember or find this particular entry for the life of me. Anyone know were it went?
  4. Thanks that clears that up, i wasn't sure if it was a case of WYSIWYG. But while were on the subject how tolerant are tournaments of conversions, paint jobs and custom ships with home brew rules? I'm pretty certain that anything not produced by FFG wouldn't make the cut in an official tournament. But what about a local games store's monthly or even just a competitive series of games with your mates? Is it best overall to stick with official products when in a tournament of any kind or is there some leeway with this kind of thing? Is there, in short, a definitive no go zone or line in the sand; especially in smaller local tournaments?
  5. I recently bought a lot of three headhunters online. They came with all the relevant second edition cards to be able to use them, (as rebels) but two of them are scum models. So would it be alright for me to use them in a tournament as long as the cards and id markers being used are all rebel? I usually play casually so it doesn't matter to much but i was curious as in the past, i have decided against repainting my own ships for the same reason.
  6. They did i have both the airborne and the regular trooper, though i'm not sure about the galactic do you have a pic? Also when you make a 501st you squad one of them has to be jessse. Although the republic marking may be tricky to replicate.
  7. Sounds great! You could add shoulder pads with green stuff to replicate the old Hasbro figures.
  8. I may wait to see what tanks (if any) are released for the period as i fancy making an armored division. Maybe with the troops having yellow hazard stripes or possibly silver armour sections. Though i'm not sure if any cannon legions already have these paint schemes.
  9. Very cool! I'm watching with interest to see what you come up with next. Also what methods did you use?
  10. Thanks for the doc very helpful! It's appreciated. I totally agree about 3D printing and to be honest even if i could afford one, i'd probably still be trying to work out how to switch it on; as i am usually bewildered by anything more complex than a word document. Still I've had a think since starting this topic and I'm wondering about scratch building and kit-bashing . This wouldn't result in cannon accurate models [unless you are very talented and could build an x-wing to the correct scale in a fashion not unlike the sagas original prop makers,] but may result in something very interesting. And besides Disney's making up new stuff all the time. Your model may just be something from the wider universe that has remained off-screen until now. Wh40k and WW2 era kits seem the way to go and maybe deodorant bottles according to an old issue of white dwarf [ill try to find a link or something if possible but not promising anything.]
  11. I'm quite new to the FF star wars game as i usually play WH40K, but after playing and subsequently becoming obsessed with X-wing i'm thinking of getting started with legion. I've been busy researching the game mechanics and trying to find a good, all round tactical force that would be nicely balanced for any play style, but also be perfect for tournaments. This lasted for all of ten seconds and then i decided what i REALLY wanted was an imperial army so i could crush the rebellion. And have Vader. And some scout speeders. Ooh and that hoover tank, that looks cool! You can probably tell tactics had gone out the window by this point and now i was going by the rule of cool. After looking around a bit more I've noticed other people have ATAT's among other things this was something i had previously seen in X- wing with pocket star destroyers. This is something i would love to do but have no idea were to start. So i guess the big question is what models do you use to proxy larger units or units without models?
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