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    Probably someone asked this before, but I've been searching a while and I didn't see anything. If I perform a standard movement which ends out ot range but cross the range, does the mine explode?
  2. Yep, but seems to be just a few and sometimes are incomplete. Am I loosing anything in TA?
  3. I wonder whether there exist something like a compilation of most-used lists. I've been having a look to invader league ones, but think there should be something else. Anyone knows?
  4. Hello there! Now, for real. Other games have campaign modes and I was wondering if this one could be already adapted to a campaign or if someone is working on it. I know is kind of troubly to make a campaign with this game because given advantage to winner of previous games makes unfair, but there could be a way I can't think of. Any ideas?
  5. Which points are outdated in legion builder?
  6. In the web are scheduled for Feb 28th the phase II, the B2 and the tank for the republic (not the AAT, which is for February, not with a specific day). Any hint on this? Are still worldwide releases the politics for the company? Because spanish website simply says "1T"...
  7. The tanks are scheduled for 28/2, I hope they won't messing it up again... Yes, "should" could have room in the rrg 1.6, amongst "delay" and "this is not the base you were looking for"
  8. We're just about to have new units with new keywords which are barely defined and still no news about new rules. Any hint?
  9. Buy some magnets small enough (i bought 2x0,5mm). Glue one to the arm and the other one in the shoulder hole. Done. You've increased it by 1mm, if you want to be sharp, simply remove some material from the arm peg
  10. Yes, the possibility exists. What do you really want from this topic? People telling you they will make a generic jedi expansion? No one knows what lies in the store, we can only sit and wait to see what they come up with...
  11. This is more or less like still no annoucement...
  12. Mmmm that would be a nice idea... Any link? Been a while on amazon and didn't find anything...
  13. Also toke that into consideration, but feels weird to not protect them...
  14. It's an option I have considered, but don't really want to spend that much for that little: what I've seen it's about 25€ for the amount of tokens that you get with a core...
  15. Not really. I'm looking for something like coin cases for order tokens, but for the rest of tokens
  16. Yeah, I already have those located, but I meant the other ones, the rest of tokens that ain't seem to have a suitable case
  17. I've been looking for plastic cases to protect the tokens, but only found things that fit roughly or are to big for the token. Any option?
  18. Well, not really. You have the X-34 released and we don't even know when it's gonna happen here...
  19. Well, never tried to check US release date with spanish info, could serve as a non-intencioned combo... But if Spanish site is the only one in which the info appears, you shouldn't trust it...
  20. tip: never ever trust spanish upcoming page. It is not only it says veterans will be released 30th june, the web keeps saying everything else is dated for 2T which is almost impossible right now. Just tu list it: X-34, a re-do of the original core, Sabine, Bossk, Tauntaun, shoretroopers, Dewback... At least, TCW core is set to be released in the 3T... Insane
  21. The problem is Spain FFG. We go systematically delayed. Gotta waint and see how others upload their pics
  22. When did the upcoming thing started to be accurate? I think I missed that very moment.
  23. If there aren't, they will since he is the official painter for FFG, so with a 99% of certenty he will be using them in future videos
  24. It's good to now. Never have read anyone talking so well of "others" and comparing it to Citadel making this one lose to it against. Thanks, will take a thought about it
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