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  1. Well, not really. You have the X-34 released and we don't even know when it's gonna happen here...
  2. Well, never tried to check US release date with spanish info, could serve as a non-intencioned combo... But if Spanish site is the only one in which the info appears, you shouldn't trust it...
  3. tip: never ever trust spanish upcoming page. It is not only it says veterans will be released 30th june, the web keeps saying everything else is dated for 2T which is almost impossible right now. Just tu list it: X-34, a re-do of the original core, Sabine, Bossk, Tauntaun, shoretroopers, Dewback... At least, TCW core is set to be released in the 3T... Insane
  4. The problem is Spain FFG. We go systematically delayed. Gotta waint and see how others upload their pics
  5. When did the upcoming thing started to be accurate? I think I missed that very moment.
  6. If there aren't, they will since he is the official painter for FFG, so with a 99% of certenty he will be using them in future videos
  7. It's good to now. Never have read anyone talking so well of "others" and comparing it to Citadel making this one lose to it against. Thanks, will take a thought about it
  8. why don't you use GW paints? don't like them?
  9. Thought it will be released before but probably you're right
  10. you're forgetting about card pack
  11. wait, wait, wait... What about the "Fetts"? Is it supposed to be more than one Boba Fett or you just guessing we're gonna have a Jango one?
  12. Does any one know how much is it and if there are loads of copies or just a few? Told some people to get me one or two but don't know if they could make it or not...
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