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  1. Perhaps a dumb question. In the absence of better options, do you have an Android or IOS smartphone? Subjected to a smaller screen but the apps are available.
  2. As others have mentioned, a reprint is likely a ways off. The only advice I can offer is to sign up for restock alerts on every online board game store front you can. I got super lucky in that I got both recurring nightmares and supressed memories some months ago in close proximity to one another from 401games.ca. If you happen to have a local board game store, it doesnt hurt to ask of they have copies. Everytime I travelled for work, I would ask local stores if they had any copies. There was one in Vegas and North Carolina that did at one point, but I didn't have time to make it over there.
  3. I found the stl's on thingiverse, but i noticed some items are missing, like the trees. Do you still have a copy of those as well? Great looking set btw!
  4. Just a follow up. I just got an email notification from 401 Games that they have Suppressed Memories back in stock. Just ordered a copy.
  5. My Recurring Nightmares and Streets of Arkham copies arrived, so 401 Games definitely has Recurring Nightmares in stock.
  6. I believe it's in stock elsewhere. I just thought the shipping fee with 401 games was better justified with getting more than one item. They unfortunately dont do free shipping. Streets of Arkham was one of the other expansions I didn't already have. Arkham was also just reprinted, so stock should be replenishing a lot of places.
  7. If anyone has a solid lead on where to find and English copy of SM, it would be greatly appreciated. To my surprise, there doesn't even seem to be over priced copies available on Ebay at the moment. Saw a link earlier in the thread to a store in Vegas with a copy. Unfortunately do not live anywhere near Vegas, else I would grab the copy in a heart beat.
  8. Just a quick update on the inventory at 401 games. I ordered Streets of Arkham and Recurring Nightmares from 401 (shipped to the US), I just received confirmation they both shipped. So it appears their inventory does in fact exist.
  9. I just ordered a copy of Recurring Nightmares from 401 games. I'll follow up with how that goes. Now if only they had a copy of Suppressed Memories. FWIW, Recurring Nightmares was on the FF Upcoming calendar for awhile under the "Awaiting Reprint" status, then they took it off.
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