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  1. Basically unavailable in the UK, don't understand what's happening here ... I guess it will be available at some point 🤷‍♂️
  2. Could work (ish) when being nearby, but yeah paired with Keen Eye that would be really awkward 😁
  3. What about a new range weapon? The bow is insanely good, I don't think I'll start a campaign without it (especially when you've got the one with Cleave). Throwing axe maybe?
  4. Not sure to understand the relationship between Asmodee and FFG? 🤔
  5. Well yeah, I never sleeved my cards 🤷‍♂️So far so good, but I guess one day I'll be sorry about that and change my mind 😁
  6. Just my take on a storage solution, if that can be useful to anybody My needs were: Fit everything in the core box Have the miniatures in individual "compartments" as I painted them Ease the setup Don't spend more than a couple of days to make it And it is working really well. The setup time isn't more than a minute which is great. I didn't make any plan and built it gradually. I spent a fair amount of time drawing plans for my Imperial Assault box, but here we have far fewer things to store so I can afford to be imprecise but save time. I don't have the box expansion (hope it will be back in stock soon), but I'll be able to store the miniatures easily by splitting some compartments on the top in two as the top row is bigger (so the troll fits). Here are the different trays I have: Picture 1: All the bottom of the box is for miniatures, banners, items and battle map terrain tokens. I keep the box on a chair next to me when playing so it's easy to access Picture 2 bottom: A tray for the cards we need in game: damage, fear, weakness and boons. Picture 2 bottom: Another one we keep on the table with fate, search and person tokens Picture 3: A big one for all the cards. Top row is items, weapons, armours, titles, basic role cards. Middle row is all role cards. Bottom row is corresponding characters cards. We keep our decks here so we just take it from here when starting a new session Picture 4: the tiles, no need for a tray here Picture 5: Finally battle maps and rule books! And as we see, there is plenty of space left.
  7. And I've finally completed the core set 😁I took my time, and I can't wait to keep playing with all the miniatures painted. Thanks so much for your work @Sorastro, I discovered a really pleasant hobby here! As a complete beginner, I didn't spend too much time with the highlights, especially as I'm more looking for a nice table top result. At the start (well for most of the vilains), I spent a lot of time with the base colours, trying to have a really clean result as I was making a lot of mistakes. But I feel like I really improved myself with time, even when not painting for a month for instance. Really good idea to only use a core set of paints, I was glad not having to buy new paints for each miniatures. Next the expansion, and then ... Imperial Assault 🤗
  8. That's fantastic thank you for your work! My next one to paint is the troll. Already watched your video, can't wait for the week end 😛
  9. Thanks! But to be fair the bad quality of the photo hides a lot of mistakes, I went over the edges several times 😁 I used Vallejo, the ones advised in the video by Sorastro.
  10. @Sorastro, here is my first painted mini ever 🎉 Picture is terrible, and I know I made mistakes, but I'm super happy with the result! We played the day after, and it was really cool seeing how it looks good with a painted mini. Thanks so much for your videos, would never have tried without. Looking forward to paint the other minis (+ I also have Imperial Assault waiting patiently 🙄) and your next videos 😁
  11. Thanks very much, looking forward to share the result now! It will be my very first painting mini 😬
  12. Does it work well to play 2 characters? We'll be two playing the game, and I was asking myself if we should play one or two characters each 🤔
  13. I can't find the Tamiya Fine White Primer, do you guys think that the Corax White from GW will work? I can easily find anything from GW or Army painter, so if one of this brand have something it would be great 😁
  14. April 18th, 2019 ! 😀 https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/4/5/against-the-darkness/
  15. I'm going to start minis painting with this game and will follow your guide - I'm glad you took a back to basics approach 😁 I am going to buy some stuff as I've never done that before. In your video you suggest to use Testors Dullcote varnish spray. Unfortunately it is not available in amazon UK (I live in Ireland). Any suggestion on a similar product? And thanks again for your amazing videos!
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