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  1. I was exaggerating, of course. Although I do seriously want to play a lot more.
  2. How would you define "competitive"? For me, chain bound events are pretty competitive, because there are so few of them, and there is something at stake (e.g. prizes, getting chains, and increasing power level). And that's negatively impacting my experience. When I make a mistake, I feel bad because I am not sure when I will get the chance to "prove myself" again. I feel that playing online have the advantages of both competitive and causal without the drawbacks. Assuming decks of similar strengths are getting matched, each game should be fairly competitive. I don't have to worry too much about making mistakes and/or losing because I can just play another game right after. And I don't have to play my best decks. If I play a bad deck, hopefully, I will get matched with another bad deck, and still have fun playing a close game.
  3. Being able to play online with the physical decks you own is a must. Some of my thoughts: FFG may consider selling digital-only decks (and may be have them printed and shipped for a fee in the future). They can charge a small fee (e.g. like $1) for ownership change. There can be a few non-unique starter decks that people can play for free. Otherwise, you will have to buy at least 1 deck (physical or digital-only) a month to play online.
  4. Imagine you can play any deck, anytime, and get matched to a competitive, fun game.
  5. Yes, it is what’s keeping me sane these days. Other than the obvious UI shortcomings, I really miss proper matchmaking. Having more competitive matches goes a long way of making the experience fun. And I am not forced to play my best decks or get pwned.
  6. I want to play KeyForge whenever I am free. I want to play KeyForge 10+ times a day. I want to play KeyForge at odd hours, right before I go to bed, and right after I wake up. Organized (face-to-face) play itself can never satisfy me. I want to play KeyForge against decks of similar strengths. I want to play KeyForge against players of similar skill levels. This is best done with online match-making/ranking system. You don't even need chains. Yes, Hearthstone, Pokemon TCG, Magic, etc. have successful online plays. But I do not want to play those games. I want to play KeyForge. I am willing to help in whatever way I can. I know KeyForge will be 100x more successful with online play. And I am not alone.
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