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  1. I've been having a lot of fun and some victories in Fly Casual using Airen Cracken with Cluster Missiles, giving double moded shots and stress tokens to Braylen and Ten Numb. Requires flying tight but it is really powerful.
  2. I expecto patronum you 🧙‍♀️ (I think its beneficial, not sure tho ) Where are this enviromental cards coming from? The "dont tell me the odds" expansion is months away.
  3. You should stop playing 2.0 right now, and die undefeated!😎
  4. I would drop HLC for FCS in the OP Bwings.
  5. Question about wave 6 ships: do we know if the A-wing, Defender and Interceptor will have the same pilots of the conversion kits? They do not state this as they been doing before, like in the B-wing announcement.
  6. I have him flying in a custom painted crimson red X1, so together with the crimson red interceptor and the crimson red defender minis, I call them the Crimson Crit Conclave: Maarek, FCS, Marksmanship, afterburners Rexler Brath, Autoblaster, Marksmanship, FCS Soontir Fel, Predator, or Marksmanship, or you could even fit Outmaneuvre if you care not having a bid. Or afterburners! Soontir shoots first, clears shields, Maarek goes second, clears rest of shields and pushes crits, Rexler shoots last and flips regular damage cards up.
  7. I started a Black Sun themed list thread, lots of good options there:
  8. Scarif Rebel Squadron: 2 blue escort X-wings, 2 gray squadron y-wings with turrets and a blue explorer U-Wing with FCS and extra hull: 200pts.
  9. I' reconsidering moving some of the defense of AP-5 into Cracken. I find the idea of the two.droids flying toghether bickering while Leia tries to keep her cool hilarious... but I might have overdone it and left Cracken too easy a target.
  10. I was thinking about pairing them: Airen with Ten, that can manage more stress tokens than most, and AP5 with Braylen, that is better with just one stress token and AP5 can still coordinate him. Second red maneuvre from Airen could fuel AP5 regen action, or more actions for Ten. I get the feeling you would only want to use it sparringly.
  11. I see... I still think it's both abusive and not in the spirit of the cards involved, but to each it's own. I'm nevertheless interested in trying this soon: Airen Cracken, cluster missiles, marksmanship (or munition failsafe) AP5, Leia, Elusive, Chopper, extra shield Ten Numb, FCS, autoblasters, marksmanship Braylen Stramm, FCS, autoblasters, marksmanship
  12. You expect to get your charge back after you cancel the dice from your bonus attack, but not the first attack? Good luck trying to convince your opponent or a judge about it. Cluster missiles have 4 charges, 4 time for double bonus actions for Cracken. Seems plenty. Pairing Cracken with Ten Numb might be good ina non init 5 list.
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