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  1. Gonna try these advices. Still new to the game, trying to learn the synergies. Thanks a lot for the tips!!!
  2. Hello guys! Need some help to build a Pheonix deck to try to beat a Unicorn. Played a lot today, tried a few changes, the games where great, but i always lose in the end. Don't know what can i change here to win. Dont have the list from the Uni, but the two mais 'power houses' where Aranat and Moto Chagatai and a good suport from Iuchi Daiyu, and the usual events from Uni to bring characters. Province Shiro Shinjo. Any tips on changes to Phoenix deck to play against Uni? My last deck was: 1 Kyūden Isawa (Disciples of the Void) 1 Seeker of Void (Core Set) 3 Against the Waves (Core Set) 3 Assassination (Core Set) 3 Benten's Touch (Into the Forbidden City) 3 Charge! (Core Set) 3 Clarity of Purpose (Disciples of the Void) 3 Cloud the Mind (Core Set) 3 Feral Ningyo (Tainted Lands) 3 Grasp of Earth (Core Set) 2 Indomitable Will (Core Set) 3 Kaito Kosori (Disciples of the Void) 3 Let Go (Core Set) 2 Magnificent Kimono (Core Set) 3 Oracle of Stone (Tainted Lands) 3 Supernatural Storm (Core Set) 3 Pacifism (Core Set) 3 Asako Azunami (The Ebb and Flow) 3 Asako Diplomat (Core Set) 3 Chikai Order Protector (The Fires Within) 3 Fire Elemental Guard (Disciples of the Void) 3 Fire Tensai Acolyte (Children of the Empire) 3 Fushichō (Disciples of the Void) 3 Isawa Masahiro (Core Set) 3 Isawa Uona (Breath of the Kami) 1 Kanjo District (Meditations on the Ephemeral) 3 Miya Mystic (Core Set) 3 Serene Warrior (Core Set) 3 Shiba Tetsu (Disciples of the Void) 3 Shiba Tsukune (Core Set) 3 Solemn Scholar (Core Set) 1 Fertile Fields (Core Set) 1 Kuroi Mori (Core Set) 1 Public Forum (Into the Forbidden City) 1 Sanpuku Seidō (Disciples of the Void) 1 Shameful Display (Core Set)
  3. What if, as no player can declare more then one conflict of each type, no player should be target off more then one type of conflict per turn? This way a Crane in a Crane x Crab x Lion game, would not have to defend 2x vs a Military smack from the other two. And Crab and Lion, knowing just one could attack a Crane (hypothetically weaker in Military) with Military, would still need to protect itself against a strong Militaty foe, this could make him hold back... This is similar to a 'attack only to the left', but mantains the all vs all game. Not knowing who will attack who. Dunno... New in the game, not tried multiplayer yet. Sorry for any problem in english, its not my native language.
  4. Sad to see that we have no more updates on the official multiplayer mode... Also new to the game, and would love to play this on a party of four.
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