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  1. I don’t object that they tried to reign in Rebel beef, but I wish they hadn’t hit is so hard. Rebel beef is the archetype for Rebels. It would be comparable to raising the cost of TIE salad or Howlswarm by 20 points, and Imperials at least have Imperial Aces to fall back on. I’m afraid that Rebels will go back to loser/n00b faction like it was in the first points. And being that terrible should only be reserved for FO! 😛
  2. Aaaaaaand now we’ll never see a B-Wing on the table again. The activation factor for them was a cheap Leia. Boosting their points (5!/2!) is just insult to injury.
  3. Thank you for this. My plan is now to always ask my opponent to share dice for anything. And of course, if he says “No,” I will stare right into his eyes while I put away the dice I offered, and slowly pull out a different box of dice and say, “thanks!”
  4. I personally think AP-5 with Leia is a better build than Cassian. A few extra points for the beef, and you don’t have to maneuver around a medium base ship in the middle of your squad. AP-5’s ability is more functional than Cassian’s for the B-Wings, and often you want to keep the stress when the fighting’s tight and and your B-Wings are bumping. The 3 dice from the U-wing are nice, but if you’re using your action to coordinate, the offensive loss isn’t that big. AP-5’s survivability is surprisingly good; five health/two green always at range 2-3 lives about as well as a sometimes two green medium base that drives right up in the enemy’s face. My my two cents anyway.
  5. Plasma torpedo points prediction: Proton Torpedoes = 12 points - 7 points for 3 dice - 1 point for no crit added -1 point for crits before hits + 4 points for shield removal before damage (how often will you have a shielded target as your target priority? Otherwise it is strictly worse than primaries at range 2 and slightly better at range 3 <no crits>) = 7 points. I figure I'm happy when I get both my proton torps off, and with these, I’ll be passing up shots with these not infrequently.
  6. Would that make it more or less costly? It lowers the risk of being spammed if costed too low, but it might make it something for a high I carrier...which doesn’t exist yet. I think the three charges really hurts it. I’d like this a lot better at 4 charges.
  7. Prediction for points cost for a Diamond-Boron missiles: barrage rockets = 7 points - 2 points (need lock) - 2 points (3 charges, can be used 1.5 times) + 2 points (AoE is much better than bullseye reroll) - 1 point for new card purchase incentive = 4 points. I think 2 points less than concussion will actually get them on the table. (And 1 point less than concussion missiles future cost).
  8. I give you your new Rebel All-Stars: the Green Squardon RZ-1 with Snap Shot and Juke!
  9. I assume you must remove a stress after completing (or attempting) a blue maneuver, but but does anyone think it could be a may? This comes up from my stresssed named B-Wing bumping on a 1-bank. I’d rather keep the stress if I may
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