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  1. I'm having some issues about hierarchy: -How the power of Emperor's Chosen work in Rokugan> I can command who? , What powers do i have? -Being an Imperial Advisor for exemple>I can demand from Crane samurai? , How my powers/status work in Clans, Imperial Families and other Emperor's Chosen? Thank you all
  2. In case of being the son of the emperor, I am in doubt also in the reverence, who would do the greater reverence, the emperor would do or the sensei? (go with your head to the floor or go to the waist?)
  3. A question about hierarchy, whether a son of the emperor or even the emperor, went to a dojo, who would be the greatest authority? would the sensei command or the son of the emperor? and if the sensei should rule, what would be the proper reverence inside the game?
  4. I was looking at imperial chancellor, imperial advisor and others schools
  5. Hello everyone, I searched the schools a lot and only found imperial herald, for other chosen ones, I did not find the rest of the schools. If anyone can find this information or the book where it is, thank you very much (4th edition)
  6. I am very interested in the imperial families. One of the biggest doubts I have is in the economic relation, how much they earn (Daimyō Miya, Otomo, Seppun) per year / month, how does the resources of these families work, does it take tribute from any clan? (If someone can reply, thank you)
  7. I have been playing for some time, and I have doubts about the hierarchy between the imperial families and the chosen ones of the emperor, who has more power? Who has more authority? If someone can reply, thank you very much.
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