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  1. I’m still struggling to work out UK release dates...I’ve got over £100 worth of L5R stuff held up in preorder at my usual game supplier...still no sign of Across the Burning Sands...I feel like I’m way behind the local meta somehow.
  2. Calm down? ...I didn’t say he was incompetent. I just said it’s ok for characters to sometimes make mistakes, have flaws, not always handle situations with deft infallible brilliance. I love Yasuki Taka, but I’m also glad he doesn’t always win, or always have the upper hand. He sometimes has to admit he’s been beaten.
  3. Yes everyone should always keep their Ophion’s to themselves.
  4. I mostly agree, but maybe he isn’t a “fool” generally, but only flawed in that he so loathes the Crab Yasuki he can’t help but take every opportunity to thwart them. I think in general he’s supposed to be a skilled courtier.
  5. Is anyone else finding the links don’t work? Says server can’t be found.
  6. Well that settles it...I’m making a Crab/Crane deck no matter how lore breaking it is...
  7. Well...that settles it. I’m building a Sotorii/Crab/Scorpion deck no matter how uncompetitive it is...
  8. I disagree, it is about entitlement. You are demanding a level of legal protection from things outside of anyone’s control to insulate you from any risk whatsoever, and expecting the company to take all the risks in your place, oblivious to the fact that companies entities are made up of fallible people who can’t foresee every outcome and take huge risks in bringing products to market that may fail and cost the lively good of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people. Should car makers cover the cost of life-threatening recalls? Yes. Should Card game companies cover the cost of constantly giving away free updates to a game that by its nature WILL change and is advertised as such? No. There was no “bargain”. That’s ridiculous. That’s the same as people who complain that their product is cheaper now than it was last month. No, you don’t deserve compensation for that. You bought a functional product, and by its very nature it will require rules updates, which FFG provides for free. You keep saying that the problem is a lack of willingness to spend money on “adequate” playtesting. I’m wondering what actual expertise/evidence you have that this is the case, beyond your own selfish (that’s not name-calling, I just mean “self-motivated”) motives for wanting to enjoy a game as cheaply as possible at the expense of the designers/owners without whom it wouldn’t exist in the first place. I believe FFG could afford to offer free card reprints for L5R - although I’m not sure why they should be forced to pay that cost.
  9. 1) Ok, you say you aren’t trolling. I’ll take you at your word. You fit the profile I’ve seen in the past, I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. I apologise. 2) You did ask for feedback, so expect some of it to be negative, especially when you are suggesting that you deserve compensation for a game company editing their “Living” game. I hates the compensation culture, so it probably triggered me. My bad. 3) Yes, if you showed up at an event and your first interaction with anyone was to start saying you deserved compensation for game errata I’d probably give you the cold shoulder.
  10. I doubt it could be a single day. Corellian Conflict works just fine with 200 point starts, by the way. The most important thing is to make sure the teams are balanced in terms of skill. Also, if a player starts again, they get a new fleet equal in value to average, or 400 points, which ever is less. This stops someone who did badly in the first half having to come back in 100 points behind, which can be depressing.
  11. Since Legion is doing the Ghost crew now, I think having the shuttle from the ghost would be a great new Rebel Vehicle. I’m not sure of scale, but I seem to remember the ghost shuttle was significantly smaller than the Lambda or the U-Wing. Could be completely wrong. At the very least a drop-off mechanic to deploy troopers straight into the thick of it, if they don’t have one already.
  12. Thanks again Matrim, you’re a good egg.
  13. Well, despite Doji Takashi’s tone, I think I can sympathise...I’m sure I come across this way to Star Wars fans who thought The Last Jedi was a “cracking good film” that “breathed new life into the Star Wars franchise”, and the people who rate the prequels higher than the OT. As an L5R infant (not even a year yet), I cast a sceptical eye over the lore of O5R...it just feels dated, weird and a hot-mess full of crazy in the way only late-80’s/early-90’s settings could be. I would never have played O5R, and I love L5R. Honestly, I think the best thing for you might be to just pretend L5R doesn’t exist and play O5R. That’s what I did with X-Wing - I own it, I play it, I love it, but 2.0 is never going to be something I get in to and I just need to come to terms with the fact that there is no more official support for my beloved game. But hey, all my friends play 1.0 because I’m passionate about it and I’m the one who taught them and I’m happy to loan out my stuff to keep the community going. I’m sure you can (or maybe already are) do the same with O5R. You can be the cornerstone for a thriving hipster O5R-revivalist community. Happy gaming.
  14. That’s what I thought...just checking.
  15. I’m trying to decide which deflates me more - Star Wars articles that turn out to be Destiny or Star Wars articles that turn out to be the Roleplaying Game. It’s a tough call.
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