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  1. Yes. The Star Destroyers are some weird amalgamation of an ISD and JJ’s raging obsession with making every threat “the mostest dangerous thing eva seen!!”, and the “rebel” fleet doesn’t appear to have any large capital ships, although it did look like there might have been some Mon Cal or maybe old CIS ships in the background for a split second. I wonder if we’ll get a space horsie boarding party for Armada. Just a wild guess but I would assume that at some point some source will make the Onager the basis for the technology in ep9 but honestly at this point who even cares, and as for the Star Hawk I assume they were destroyed in the war with the First Order either in the Star Killer Attack, immediately after, of possibly even forcibly scrapped as part of the New Republic capitulation.
  2. The movie was ok. My biggest complaint was that the respective fleets looked like a lazy copy/paste CGI mess with silly plot points dictating the course of the battle. RotJ it was not. Same complaint I had with the RotS battle.
  3. Makes sense, I did wonder if it was dragon - seeing as their book was announced a while back.
  4. Have I missed an announcement? What is this? https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/card-games/68255-seekers-of-wisdom-clan-pack
  5. U-Wings, definitely. Preferably in a chimera-esque pack not a squadron pack. Not sure what ship they would bundle it with though.
  6. The Lucrehulk will almost certainly be a large ship, not huge. They’ve designed the huge base with long ships in mind. I don’t see how the Lucrehulk could possibly securely fit on the huge base. To be long enough to work it would be far too wide.
  7. Sort of makes a mockery of their whole “customer first” soliloquy complete with cartoon Viking. There is retiring and there is just giving up.
  8. Originally I wanted 3, one for each title. Now, I will probably only get 1. Onager was always going to be just a x 1 buy. Now that I've got an SSD, I don't feel a strong desire to buy more ships, it just so happens these are both pleasing to me. If the new movies start having good space battles again I would be far more tempted to buy new models from the Disney Canon. As it is, it will come down to the ascetics if I buy one or none of future expansions.
  9. The webstore in the UK I bought mine from has sold out now, I don't have exact numbers because I have no idea how many preorders they had but on the day mine shipped they had 10 "in stock" to purchase, so I assume that was on top of their preorders, all gone now.
  10. Your keen insight and bold rhetoric is truly a benefit to this fantasy toy spaceship combat community.
  11. More fun than a pants leg full of squirrels.
  12. My longest, bitterest grudge against Armada is that they didn’t include the asymmetrical missions with each expansion they did with X-Wing 1.0.
  13. It’s one of the damage cards face up effects.
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