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  1. Nice, I'd love to hear more about what you faced and how it went. I have event coming up on the next Saturday and I'm bringing my Seps.
  2. Pink_Viking

    Inert Fat Han

    This sounds like the most reasonable solution I've heard.
  3. I don't think you can use Kenobi's ability on transfering, it says "spend" while transfer isn't spending.
  4. One of them must be Annie and if he Barrel Rolls in three consecutive turns he wins.
  5. I don't think it's the only reason, but it might be one of them. Difference between those two is that many Imperial players have been in the game for a long time and they may have Phantoms already from 1.0 (time when they were op af), whereas RZ-2 is still pretty new ship and while the list is strong, it's not an autowin button and why spend $100 if Rebel beef/Imp aces/TIE swarm/Danger zone/something else that's cheaper or you already have it can yield similar results and/or requires less practice.
  6. I'd guess that many don't want to own 5 A-wings which can be used only in this specific list (which night even get nerfed) and the most you'll ever use outside of that is 2-3. Rather fly something that's equally good and what they already have.
  7. If you do the threshold damage to any ship, you earn half of it's points.
  8. Yeah that makes a lot more sense. Gosh, Nantexi are going to be such a hassle to play.
  9. UK/EU Selling my well painted Resistance squadron (3xT-70, 2xRZ-2). Including all accessories and additional cards (from Conversion kit). Looking for around £70. PM me for more pictures or info.
  10. Pink_Viking

    Regen in 2.0

    Or you can slap R2-D2 on Han.
  11. It seems to me that it allows rerolls of green dice based on how many Tractored enemy ships are close (Range 1) to you.
  12. The ship itself is the source of the Tractor, so you do it. Perhaps they tried it with 3 hull and it didn't work for it?
  13. How is it clearly only for the snapshot attack? It says "Your dice cannot be modified." and that's it, doesn't specify on which occasion they cannot be modified and it's even separated by the rules of the attack itself.
  14. Since you have 2pts bid and they have 3pts bid, the decision is theirs. Your Initiative overlaps only on Wolffe/Dutch/Garven I'd say he should go first. It gives him advantage in obstacle placement and he can block your ARC with it's predictable dial, while you can't utilise it's medium base for blocking. Also in my opinion Veteran Tail Gunner is a dead card most of the time, you would be better off with Commander Cody. Also you'd be better served by Synchronised Console on Torrents rather than on ARC for those rockets.
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