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  1. No, you can't trigger an ability if you can't pay the cost. For example: stressed Jedi can't pay Force for Fine-Tuned Controls even if he wanted to.
  2. I think Rebels got banned from play, or at least that's what their players sound like.
  3. You know those are from different factions, right?
  4. I hope Rebel players will gradually stop playing the faction so it fades into obscurity, then FFG will ban it once and for all. Six factions is enough.
  5. It's f*cking ugly tho and doesn't make sense.
  6. On a bit serious note - since you have such issues I'd advise cutting off things that don't help you deal with them or bring you happiness in these times. If these forums make you feel worse, perhaps spending time on something else would be healthier for you.
  7. Between the core heroes I'm most excited about Iron Man for sure. I've loved the suits ever since I watched the cartoons as a child and his playstyle seems like something I'd enjoy (slow buildup for large gains). After that I'm mainly looking forward to Thor (for the art, powerful attacks and Mjolnir), Dr. Strange (control, tricks) and potentially Wolverine (regeneration, savage attacks).
  8. Pink_Viking

    Overlooked ships

    I agree on the IG-2000, the early meta was dominated by very efficient I5-6 pilots, which were both easier to play and bad matchup for expensive I4s. Nowadays the playing field feels more even and a lot more people play lower initiatives, so I hope we'll see someone good seriously try IGs. Also Autoblasters seem pretty good for them. Brobots (68) IG-88A [Aggressor Assault Fighter] (1) IG-2000 (2) Autoblasters (0) Jamming Beam Points: 71 (64) IG-88B [Aggressor Assault Fighter] (1) IG-2000 (2) Autoblasters (0) Jamming Beam Points: 67 (49) 4-LOM [G-1A Starfighter] (3) IG-88D (10) Advanced Sensors Points: 62 Total points: 200
  9. This one (yellow). It belongs to Scum and costs 60pts, but would be 45pts in a different faction. /S Actually I really dig this one and would like to see it released for Scum.
  10. Pink_Viking

    Overlooked ships

    Right now I feel that IG-2000 is pretty overlooked. It isn't easy like I5-6 double repositioning Force users, but they have some interesting tricks up their sleeves and incredible stats. Also 4LOM doesn't see much play, although he's still a menace. In that vein the humble I1 TIE Defenders are really solid fielded with PalpCarrier or accompanying ace (Soontir). 1 or 2 pts bid makes you nigh unblockable, but you have to play without perfect information like so many are used to.
  11. This would be ideal and with only regen droids it wouldn't be that hard to keep track of dealt damage. Problem is the wording. How do you keep track of the damage? How do you count shields regened before threshold? Remaining Shields - spent charges? And there will be this weird specific scenario where Spare Parts Canister charge is spent but both players are arguing what it was spent on. If regen is a part of most competitive lists in six months, FFG will make it more expensive. Higher cost would make the ship itself higher pts bunker, but you wouldn't be able to afford other bells and whistles and/or a huge bid.
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