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  1. A fun one I tried very briefly with Beravor and Legolas: Beravor as a burglar equipped with sword and banner. When the banner upgrades, it provides inspiration for hiding. And Beravor's "into hiding" card has guard 2, which also provides inspiration from the banner. Combined with self sufficient and extra scouting (thanks to Beravor's ability), Beravor rarely fails a test, and economises inspiration very well. Legolas is there to explore and take care of enemies while Beravor runs around interacting. Thus, Legolas gets his bow and Pathfinder role so that Beravor doesn't waste too much time moving or fighting.
  2. You can "attack" with the harp. The main point is to stun, allowing you to move or interact without provoking a non-elite enemy. This is because non-elites get exhausted when stunned. You can even gain an inspiration for your troubles. Still, I generally prefer killing enemies, but it can be good if you're low on inspiration and didn't top-deck any successes I guess.
  3. If you're right that there is no other option, it is misleading. Still, it's probably deliberate. I think they wanted to portray the fact that any other choice would backfire.
  4. Actually, no! You can scout during your turn (due to certain effects including equipment, trinkets, prepared cards) after using prepared cards, so you can use more than 4 per turn! Like how a pathfinder with the upgraded travel garb and some sprint cards can traverse the entire map in one turn this way. i do wonder about the "at the start of your turn" cards. Technically after you play one of these it's no longer the start of your turn so you're limited to 1 of these per turn?
  5. Dual daggers has benefits late-game when you can now have the extra bonuses from two different upgraded daggers. So you don't just get more opportunities for hits, but you can also get access to smite, fear removal after defeating an enemy group, range, drawing an extra card when orb/goblin is near. I still think I prefer harp or banner though. I was considering trying double daggers for Elena but I went for the harp instead. The question is do you attack more than you start turns with 0 inspiration?
  6. Yeah, but trinkets are so random though! I guess that's part of the adventure experience, but it would be nice to have some more choice as to which trinkets I can receive. The torch for example, would've been really good. At least now I have some idea of which search descriptions can lead to which trinkets. I've yet to find the tome though, and maybe one or two others I've never gotten in any campaign.
  7. Yeah, I still have some slight confusion over the order of things, especially when using multiple abilities. For example: 1) discarding hidden to add a success during the attack test 2) discarding Quick Thinking (burglar) to gain emboldened 3) gain 2 hits during the attack for emboldened? i'm pretty sure all the adverbs involved were "when" which means I choose the order. So I think this combo works but I have some doubts. It's a fun one though so there's that!
  8. The app saved my final chapter file even though I failed it. I haven't tried replaying since I wanted a complete restart...but I imagine it lets you? I should test that out. And yeah, the final chapter is quite brutal.
  9. It's true, there's a lot of abstraction involved in this game, although strategy games in general tend to have this aspect. Hidden does have to be discarded when attacked, so I prefer to avoid being attacked by lone goblins when hidden since they rarely do much damage anyway. Once you get used to it, it's quite fun to play around with.
  10. Yes, that's it exactly. Plus if you have "Quiet" (burglar) prepared you could even discard Quiet instead of hidden when you attack in order to get the extra success without discarding hidden. There's lots of card combos with the burglar cards! Welcome! Me too.
  11. Yeah I agree that it depends. For instance if I have a title that gives me a modifier of my choice I might forego coordinated strike. It's tempting to take the "word of" skills but I've found they're not always the best call. Coordinated strike can be really handy to take down "bosses", trail sign can really help out a team member, and sneaking can be quite nice for the versatility on a burglar. Those three are my favourite so far I think. also, the ready defence card is a success with only 7 experience. That can allow you more experience to spend elsewhere and avoid the blank cards.
  12. I think there is some misconception here. The search or threat tokens allow you to pick up where you left off. It's not a matter of wasting actions, it just takes time to do more of them. You can even leave and come back to the same "spot" in your interaction sequence. Also, there are times when new choices pop up without any interact icons, in which case you do keep going without spending actions. I've gotten to the last mission twice, and played the last mission itself once. There's some of these interact mechanics towards the end of the campaign and it makes sense and plays pretty fluidly. Yeah, it can make certain things challenging, but only because they're supposed to be.
  13. I think they fixed it by substituting the barrels for what was the bush clue? In any case, there is sometimes a clue given by the barrels that the ale was poisoned, and this eliminates the hobbit because he's stated to be drinking the ale in his description. So I think they fixed it. I'ved played this scenario 4 times now and the first time I actually got the wrong guy but still managed to win, so that surprised me but it was pretty cool at the same time. It's definitely possible to be any of three because it has been all three for me in various playthroughs. Although it's not that replayable because it's only two clues, there's still a bit of tension in whether or not you can pass the tests and avoid threat gain or damage. And I think one of the clues or search tokens gives a bonus lore.
  14. I agree with "it depends". Knowing how to build your team up helps a lot to making the game easier. As does knowing what the "trick" is to each adventure. I beat every mission but the last one. Without spoilers I'll just say that I failed to see what had to be done several times, and also failed to optimize my combat prowess enough so that I just couldn't beat it. I could probably beat it with that team if I tried again, but knowing what I know now, I can more easily prepare for that challenge. Overall the campaign did get easier for me, until I got slammed on the last mission. The missions prior to the last mission were quite easy, especially the second to last mission, which I won on the second turn. There was one mission I almost lost due to threat, but I didn't have foreknowledge. Knowing that now it'll be easier the second time.
  15. Interesting video... a couple things I noticed: 1) Sneaking was misplayed? You discarded it to sprint AND hide! I don't believe you can use two bolded keywords that both require discarding. The reason is you can't discard the same card twice, and there's a specific rule dealing with it (I'm on my phone so I can't quote it here sorry). 2) not preparing a card is bad: I think it's a common mistake for people not to prepare a card when scouting during the rally phase, but it's strategically bad not to. Even if undying might or clever wit seem useless to Beravor, you've got nothing to lose by prepping one, and everything to gain later--if you need to test might or wit that's a free success (and you only have four at this point) 3) attacking when there's only one success left in the deck is bad: you sprinted with Bilbo and attacked right after blowing 3/4 of his successes on the first attack. I wouldn't attack again in those conditions. Although using one inspiration and clever wit Bilbo probably could've killed him, but I think you forgot about the inspiration. In that case, the threat timer isn't so harsh that you can't afford to "waste" an action occasionally, and it's worth it to conserve inspiration and maintain health. 4) I personally find Bilbo's low damage limit and the fact that he can only use one hand for weapons (no banner or harp possible) quite a big downside. Combined with Beravor who only draws 3 on attacks, I can see how it would be difficult. Having played the entire campaign, winning every mission (my second time playing a campaign but the first time playing it to the end), only to lose on the last mission...I can tell you that combat is the hardest part of this game. I think the characters are very unbalanced in this regard too. Legolas and Gimli are clearly better than the other characters when it comes to combat and I now recommend that players include one of them. I prefer Legolas because of ranged attacks, and I like his ability and cards more than Gimli's. 5) Kudos to you for the video. I know it's much harder to think on your feet while filming and I think you did a good job remembering all the abilities and things. There's a lot to keep in your head with this game, despite how smooth it plays.
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