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  1. In my case, I've only lost one time because of "Beyond the Veil", but anyways, in this scenario there are a few other cards that make you discard cards from your deck: - The Humanities Building - The Administration Building - Visions of Futures Past - Pushed into the Beyond - Arcane Barrier If you're luke not to end your turn in any of those two buildings or draw any of these last three cards from the encounter deck, then "Beyond the veil" will be worthless.
  2. Well, on the rules it states that the test ends after you "Calculate results". My understanding is that the "effects" of the success/failure of the test are not part of the test but come after the test. So in both cases my answer would be "yes". In any case, before you take a new test, the previous test must have ended already.
  3. I think the main goal of using the "crappy" pre-build decks of the core set is that you should be able to realize (after a few plays) which cards are really useful to your investigator and which cards are just crap for them. This is a great way to learn about the importance of deckbuilding, and you can start improving those decks. If you start straight away with the new Investigator Decks (that they are indeed not "crappy") then you won't probably get as much learning from those
  4. Regarding the discard of a weakness, if you already have a weakness in hand or in play you cannot choose to discard it by any other means unless a card specifically says so.
  5. At it has been stated on all the other numerous threads about "reprints" (like this: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/308863-newer-player-carcosa-pack-reprints/ ) nobody knows. It could easily take from 6 months to a year (maybe less if you're lucky), but sooner or later you'll have them all. Right now there are many campaigns to keep you busy for a while.
  6. I must admit I'm quite surprised. If you used Roland's starter deck (which is a really crappy deck made on purpose so you can understand which cards are useful for you and which cards you should change for optimization) and still did a pretty good job on the first two scenarios (also suggesting you could have beaten all 6 cultist when that is quite hard even on easy mode) it probably means some mistakes were made along the way... I would recommend you to watch a playthrough on Youtube and check if every rule is correct. On the other hand, maybe you really are a master of this game (in which case I envy you so much!)
  7. Agree, Carcosa is really enjoyable. Forgotten Age is quite "difficult"/"brutal" when compared to other campaigns (although still fun to play). As for character selection, the times I played Carcosa I used: - Roland + Sefina - Zoey + Wendy - Jenny (solo) - Mark + Luke
  8. Hi all! I have a strange question, I was gonna play The Blob today in a single group and the card for "subject 8L-08" says it has 15 health per investigator and on the description of the card it says "Subject 8L-08 gets +15 health". So I must assume that when playing with only 2 investigators, the blob has 45 health points? That doesn't make sense to me if on "epic multiplayer" mode the blob just gets 15 health per investigator (without those extra 15 points). Am I wrong somehow? Thanks for all!
  9. Thanks everyone for the answers! That indeed means that I did not win the campaign haha
  10. Hi all! I have a couple of questions for this last scenario on the Dream-Eaters campaign. 1. If I use the ability written on Act 3 to deal 3 damage to the last Atlach Nacha final enemy (without the 4 feet) do I get an attack of opportunity? (I would guess I do, but still have doubts) 2. When the final Atlach Nacha moves due to the chaos token draw at the beginning of the mythos phase, should I consider that it moves from location to location and thus attacking any investigator found in the way? Or it only attacks the investigator on the first location where it leaves (where it starts the move)? (Example, if I draw a -3 and there's investigators at location 2, would they be damaged?) Thanks for the help!
  11. In your example you are talking about a "Recycling Grotesque Statue" deck, so I guess the card you're talking about is Scavenging. I just looked on ArkhamDB and the FAQ answers your question: https://arkhamdb.com/card/01073
  12. You can check it here: https://arkhamdb.com/rules#Skill_Test_Timing On step ST.2 it says that "An appropriate skill icon is either one that matches the skill being tested, or a wild icon.", in this case, the test uses strength + willpower, so any card that can affect either of those can be commited. Basically what the rules prevent is that you commit cards that don't affect the test at all just in case you wanted to get rid of them.
  13. Just a silly question: Do you mulligan for cards in your opening hand? (From the 5 cards that you draw at the beginning of the game <discarding all weaknesses>, you can then discard the cards that are not as useful at the beginning and draw more until you have 5 cards again in your hand) That way, if for example you are playing Roland, you SHOULD try to get at least 1 weapon on your opening hand (which will give you at least a +1 in combat), and try to find a Flashlight too (which is really useful for finding clues). Also, talking about flashlight, keep in mind that the lowest that your ability can go on a skill test (after drawing tokens and stull) is 0, so if you are investiganting a shroud 2 location and use the flashlight (the test difficulty now is 0), then you will ALWAYS succeed on the test unless you draw the autofail (because the low that your ability will get is to 0, so you'll always be equal or higher than the test difficulty).
  14. I don't know if I understood the question correctly, but it looks like Janaka was saying that he treats an enemy with the "Prey" word as if it were a "Hunter". But first keep in mind that if an enemy does not have the "Hunter" keyword it will not move on the enemy phase. The prey keyword is only useful in the cases that Assussani. The actual rules for the Prey keyword are this (https://arkhamdb.com/rules#Prey). And keep in mind that if a Hunter enemy has also the Prey keyword it still moves towards the CLOSEST enemy. Unless it says "Prey - ONLY ...."
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