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  1. So I tore through painting both Leia and Cassian this evening. I added a wash to Leia, but I'm not entirely convinced it's an improvement (at least for her uniform). I do like the shading that makes it look like she has eyes...and Siri's face-detection was fooled enough to think there's a face on both of those models, so I'll probably just leave both of them as they are.
  2. I did these a while back, but I'm easing back into painting ever so slightly with Iden/ID-10, Luke, and Leia (last 2 still en route). Krennic: The Fett: My clone army (all currently Phase I's). Rex's head is now the helmeted version, with some baby cat-eyes painted on it. 501st color scheme, with left shoulder pads denoting squads (red, green, grey, gold). Band of Brothers style shot of a clone squad: Saber tank: Hoth-themed Empire list (Veers, Vader operative, generic officer, 4x snowies w/ flamer and extra trooper, 2x E-webs): I didn't set up my light-box moving in to my new place, so this is the best I've got right now. She and ID-10 are by far the easiest model I've ever painted 🤣 Black primer, red highlights, Iden's face, wash, done
  3. She's in X-Wing too. All of Inferno Squadron is, including the one that died before Battlefront (Seyn Marana). They're actually fun to fly as a squadron, too
  4. That;s exactly what I did, except I tried to make it a drybrushing of Auric Gold on top of the red blade (Mephiston red, I think?) so that it has a pseudo-random gold reflection no matter what angle you look at it. It didn't quite turn out the way I wanted, but that's what I was after (and I'm in no mood to re-try it).
  5. I can't add a DH-447 Sniper to my Rebel Commandos strike team when I've got "show only cards in collection when building lists" checked, but they come in the box with the Commandos. It'll still let me add the Proton Charge Saboteur, just not the sniper. Otherwise, love the app
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